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Nike+ Training Club health and fitness trainer

It is not always easy to get into shape and maintain your health and fitness. Now, here is an app that not only trains you to maintain a good physique, but also the ability to replace your personal trainer in case you have no time to hit the gym. This app is called Nike+ Training Club. Read on to know more about its helpfulness and features.

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Nike+ Training Club is a great app if you want to save some money from hiring a personal coach or paying fee at a gym. This fitness-coaching app can give you effective results by helping you to follow a fitness routine. This is done with the help of some audiovisuals that are narrated by instructors. There are customizable exercise schedules and levels that help you in making good progress on your fitness goals.

Further, these training sessions are not boring at all. You can choose to listen to some music within the app so you may also enjoy your training in a motivating manner. The app also has voice prompts to keep pushing you during your session. To prevent you from any injury, the app gives you session pause option so you may adjust your position if it is uncomfortable at any point of time. If you want to share your workout progress with friends, then you can also do that with this app.

Value for money

Since this app is free for use, it offers full value to users. It is not only easy to use, but is also high on performance front.


The Nike+ Training Clubapp has a great interface. It includes fitness audiovisuals created under the guidance of Nike professionals. There are wonderful aids in the form of videos and pictures that offer information on applying several exercise techniques. The app features a start menu that includes four options called Get Strong, Get Focused, Get Toned, and Get Leaned. Each of these categories gives goal options to complete.

These options also offer details regarding the expected results after a 30-40 minute workout. Except the Get Focused option that is done after cardio training, you can choose your level of workout in each category. These are designed nicely to suit a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner. You can perform a variety of fitness workouts that with this user-friendly app. It lets you maintain all your stats on a personal profile that can be created quickly on the app.

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This app runs perfectly on your Android and iOS devices. With more than 85 exercise videos, this app supports your fitness routine in an amazing way. The videos are quite clear and of high quality. Even if you do not understand the instructions of the trainer, you can look at the video that effectively guides you through a proper exercise demonstration. Nike+ Training Club also tracks your progress in an efficient manner.The app has good navigation and can store your data online. Whether you want to do solo weight training or a full body workout, it can now become highly effective with the Nike+ Training Club app.

Ease of use

It is very simple to download and use this app on any of your devices. You can also workout at your comfort level with the options provided by this app. You can easily start at a suitable level and proceed further with increasing difficulty level of the exercises. Thus, this training schedule can be customized to achieve effective workout results in a simple way. The app is especially helpful for women who need a personalized way of working out.

Nike+ Training Club is an awesome app that performs greatly when it comes to shedding some flab through simple training sessions. With an easy-to-use interface, it also offers exercise sessions for all types of users.


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