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Libratone Introduces Zipp Wireless Speaker for iPhone 5

Libratone Introduces Zipp Wireless Speaker for iPhone 5

Here is a good news for all iPhone 5 users. Libratone a Danish Audio Company, has recently launched Zipped wireless speakers a first of its kind. This is the first speaker of its kind compatible with Apple’s Air Play technology. These speakers are compatible with iOS devices, Mac and PC running iTunes.

Features of the Zipp Wireless Speakers

  • Compact, portable and attractive Zipp speaker is the only speaker of its kind to deliver the performance and convenience of airplay without the need of a Wi-fi network and complicated set ups.
  • The ‘Direct Play Technology’ eliminates the need to be close to a wireless network. You can now share your high-end audio fancy with the outside world.
  • The speakers once fully charged have a playtime of 4 hours with a wireless connection and 8 hours with a wired connection.
  • The speakers are compatible with iPhone, Mac, iPod, iPad Touch as well as PC’s
  • Another unique feature is the changeable wool speaker covers. These are available in a variety of colours to suit everyone’s taste and personality

A New Lease of Life to Apple’s Air Play Technology

An innovation specially developed for LibratoneZipp Speakers is “Direct-Play”. This technology works in line with the Air Play Technology. This technology helps in streaming the music without an in-house Wi-fi connection. With a peer to peer implementation, it facilitates a direct connection between LibratoneZipp and any other compatible device such as an iPhone, iPod, iPad etc.

The Libratone is also high on style and looks without a doubt. Its contemporary and sleek design with a Scandinavian heritage makes it stand out in terms of looks and present ability. There are interesting colour options to choose from. The colours in which these are available are Salty Grey, Pepper Black, Pineapple Yellow, Raspberry Red, Passion Pink, Plum Purple, Petrol Blue and Icy Blue.   The fine Italian wool covers are sold separately and easy to change. The sleek speaker also has a sophisticated leather handle for easy mobility.

360 Degree Sound System

Unlike conventional speakers, the Libratone does not have a soft spot speaker, which is usually there in speaker right in the front. It uses “Full room 360 degrees technology”. This means, that there are special inbuilt drivers inside the speaker, because of which the sound of music travels on all sides of the room equally.

This indeed is a big breakthrough in the world of technology.

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