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Levana Astra Digital Baby Video Monitor 7.4

Levana Astra Digital Baby Video Monitor 7.4

If you are away from your baby but want to monitor his/her sleep activity constantly, then you now have a nice monitoring device to help you with this task. This monitoring device is called Levana Astra Digital Baby Video Monitor. Apart from monitoring your baby’s sleep, let us see what else this device can do and how it performs.


Introduced by Levana, this baby video monitor is quite helpful when you want to stay relaxed after your baby has slept. If you are out or in another room, then you can easily check whether your baby is sleeping soundly or is having disturbances in sleep. This can help you to attend to his/her needs or ask someone to take care.

Additionally, the device has a feature called Talk to Baby intercom, which always makes you feel closer to your little kid. You can actually allow your voice to reach your kid so he/she feels that you are on their side. There will be no need to start yelling at an older child or your partner if you need their help and they are around.Thus, you can do multitasking without being worried about your sleeping baby.

Value for money

With several helpful features and nice performance, Levana Astra Digital Baby Video Monitor looks like a cool deal at a price of around $180.


Levana Astra Digital Baby Video Monitorhas a 3.5-inch screen, which may not be large enough for some users to keep a close watch attheir babies. However, it is manageable to track regular activities while they sleep. The device has a PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) image control feature to adjust its camera. You can tilt it to 110 degrees vertically and 300 degrees horizontally.

Thus, it gives you a clear and well-defined picture of your baby, as well as the environment in the room from almost all angles.You can additionally choose from three available lullabies if you want to sing to your baby. Expanded to four different monitors, this device is simple and cool in its overall appearance.


The video monitor works effectively when you are out of your home and receive digital signals from this device. Using the ClearVu technology, the monitor can send you clear pictures up to a distance of 750 feet. You would hardly find signal interference or security issues with this device.

When we talk about the battery performance of this monitoring device, we can say that you would not have a problem with it most of the times. It can even last for two days if you keep it on the power saver mode. Thus, it goes on sufficiently in order to be termed reliable.

In addition to this, the baby video monitor is designed to make its camera and monitor go into the sleep mode when there is no sound in the room where your baby is sleeping. This further helps in saving hours of battery in your device. It is also advantageous, as the device is activated as soon as your kid makes a peep. Talking about the camera, it performs smoothly and silently. It sends you high-quality video images, even at nighttime. Thus, the overall working and performance of the video monitor is decent.

Ease of use

This device is easy to set up and use in your baby’s room. As it is installed with invisible infrared LEDs, your baby does not face any disturbance even while being tracked at night when it is too dark. You can also receive clear videos from a significant distance. However, the distance range of receiving signals at night can be limited.

Further, the device can make you adjust the volume and check your baby’s activities using sound indicator ring colors. Therefore, it can quickly tell you whether you baby is whispering, cooing or yelling.

Levana Astra Digital baby Video Monitor is a fairly useful device if you are interested in the video monitoring of your baby from a distance. Considering the given performance and results quality, the device is affordable and good to grab.

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