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Important technological locutions you must know

With the continuous developments in technology, a technological term comes into being almost every other day and it is often difficult to keep in touch with these terms. As you strive to keep yourself updated with the latest technological innovations, here is exclusively for you a list of terms that bound to be very helpful.


Farm Drones:

These are drones with better engines on commercial UAV flight. This would be greatly advantageous for the farmers who will be able to make use of affordable UAVs loaded with cameras to have a look at the condition of their crops. They would make use of aerial photography to enhance their water supply, fertilizer use and other chemicals. The proposal is under consideration of the Federal Aviation Administration.


In- Memory Computing:

With the affordability if the flash memory, the memory and storage problem of the conventional computer design can now no more be a problem. Companies like the SAP and Oracle are trying to build a radical alternative by stowing all the data in an inbuilt memory storage card, which will lead to increase in speed and will prove to be energy efficient.


Muon Tomography:

This technology uses particles called muons created by the cosmic rays that constantly hit the Earth and penetrate deeper than the X-rays. This property of the muons makes it possible to use them for the detection of nuclear material hidden inside shipping containers. A Multi-Mode Passive Detection System has been designed together by Virginia based Decision Sciences and Los Alamos National Lab. This system can scan a complete 40-foot shipping container within 30 seconds.


Semiautonomous Driving:

The famous car manufacturing companies Ford, Audi and Volvo have designed vehicles that are able to park themselves with a special “hands free Super Cruise control of GM” that makes it easy to adjust the steering and the brakes. On the other hand, Nissan’s Infiniti Q50 has a “Direct Adaptive Steering” system that makes use of circuits to sidestep the rack-and-pinion system thus making a faster coordination between the steering wheels and tires.


Active Cyber Defense:

The DARPA in 2012 have launched an Active Cyber Defense program, which is helpful in identification of hackers and fake data handlers. The CrowdStrike has initiated in this field by its promising approach towards the private sector to monitor its client networks.


All these Tech Terms help us understand the technology better and make effective use of tech innovations as well.


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