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HotelTonight helps travelers find a hotel nice and quick

If you are a frequent traveler who lands up in any city without having enough time to book a hotel to stay, then you will not have to keep surfing the net now to find an affordable place that is also readily available to accommodate you. DealBase Corp has come up with an app that gives you an immediate solution. Check out what this app called Hotel Tonight is all about.



Usually, travelers find it problematic in an unknown city when they have not done their hotel bookings in advance. They either find all the rooms booked or are overcharged to be served instantly. However, Hotel Tonight can help people get rid of such problems. The app is quite useful in finding you last-minute deals on hotel stay. In addition, the deals displayed by this app make you save some good amount of money.

Even if you are booking a room on the same day, Hotel Tonight can help you save up to 70 percent charges. Usually, you may not find comparative deals on any other travel or hotel-booking app.Apart from this, the app becomes more useful, as it provides you all the required details about your chosen deal, as well as about the hotel location, pictures, and contacts.

You will not have to find additional information on the Internet if you are using this mobile app. On the other hand, Hotel Tonight may not be useful for people who want to do their bookings well in advance, as it is only targeted at same-day bookings.

Value for money

The Hotel Tonight app is available for free use. Thus, it offers you nice value for money. However, the app is not useful for advance bookings even if it is free to use. That is because of the concept of this app to offer you same-day, discounted deals on hotel bookings.


This app is simple and decent in appearance. It just lists the information that you actually require to do instant bookings. Thus, there is no mess or load of irrelevant features. While it tracks you location and shows you the nearby deals, you can also alter the location manually if you want to book a hotel in another city. The colorful interface of this app makes it clear, quick and easy to go through the given details. The app looks organized and elegant. However, some of its displayed buttons may not work as intended. For example, its Back button closes the app itself instead of taking you to the previous menu.



While it is just a mobile-only solution, Hotel Tonight works nicely on all your iOS and Android devices. It is high on performance, as the app only extracts and displays the deals from the top three hotels in a single market. Even if it has partnership with various hotels in each of its markets, you can only see the best three deals from first-rate hotels on a specific evening.

Additionally, you will only find the deals that are active. Thus, the app works reliably. It also has a built-in map to show you the location of your hotel. The app is quite effective in tracking your current location through GPS and finding the right market and hotel stay deals for you.

Ease of use

Hotel Tonight is a highly simple app to use. You can check the daily deals anytime between noon and 2 a.m. The reservation can also be done very easily by simply tapping on the chosen deal and doing the payment using your credit card. It is pretty quick and easy to do it all on your smartphone.


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