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Hot5 app works on a quick and hot workout

Did you know that a few minutes of high-intensity interval training could offer you better health and fitness rather than being tired over a set of slow exercises lasting for a long time? Now, you can actually avail the benefits of such high-intensity workout by simply using an app called Hot5. Developed by Hot5 Inc, this app aims at meeting varied fitness needs of people in the midst of a modern lifestyle. Read on to learn more the specialties of this interesting fitness app.



Hot5 is a smart app that can make you fit by simply giving 5 minutes on a daily basis. It launches 5-minute video sessions each day that train you through the high-intensity interval training. There are about five short bursts of exercise each day that are done with a mini break or interval after each exercise.

Since every exercise lasts only for about a minute, it is generally not difficult for any user to skip their training. Even if a person is too busy, there is no excuse for not sparing out five minutes for his/her fitness. Thus, this app is very effective in making you more productive in life.

Value for money

This app is free of cost and does not charge you anything as a hidden cost.Thus, it offers great value for money, as it is actually able to get results.


The Hot5 app looks classy, simple and well organized in its appearance. Daily trainings go well through a structured process. When you complete the training for a day, you are awarded some credit points by the app, which help you in progressing further to the next level. This is how your fitness also progresses each day if you do not skip exercising. This is also some sort of a gaming strategy that has been applied by the company in order to keep its users motivated to complete their workouts.

Hot5 includes different types of high-intensity workouts that are carefully designed to suit the needs of varied types of users.When you launch the app, you can actually watch the videos by eight different experts who are all specialized in specific types of workout. While you can perform the Fitness Basics session, you can also check out Crossfit and Strength or Yoga and Pilates sessions. Thus, everybody can access and perform useful exercises per their choice and needs. Overall, the app is gorgeous and appealing so users would always want to come back to it.


This wonderful app runs smoothly on all your Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch. The Hot5 app has high-quality instructional videos where real-life experts provide relevant training. These videos run effectively to train you through motivational strategies and demonstrations.

Thus, the app usually does not fail to make a person exercise regularly. If you are sincerely interested to get in shape, then Hot5 is a superb tool to use on your smartphone. It can also be easily synchronized with other health apps like MyFitnessPal.

Ease of use

The Hot5 app is an easy way to burn calories and improve your metabolism rate. It offers simple videos that can be easily played to exercise daily. You can also track your performance quickly on this app and can save your preferred workouts. Since the app clearly and graphically displays your weekly performance, it is not complex to understand your progress over the weeks. You can access almost all the features of this app on a single tap. It is as simple as that.


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