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Gaming desktops go in high gear with Maingear Drift

If you are looking for an extraordinary gaming desktop, then Maingear Drift is surely up for consideration. While it gives you amazing looks, it does not seem to be a compromise on the performance. Let us delve into more details about this cool device.


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Maingear Drift makes your gaming activity a superb experience with its great graphics and steady performance. It also lets you multitask very effectively. Whether you are browsing in several windows or doing a scan, you can still stream a video efficiently. This amazing PC lets you do all basic tasks in the most useful manner. Being quite compact, it is a beneficial device to grab for everyday browsing and gaming work.

Value for money

The device is nicely affordable with its base version available for $1,199. Users willing to spend more on the best can easily configure it according to their requirements.


Maingear Drift is a delight when we talk about its design and appearance. It has a slim chassis made to look quite attractive with the smooth automotive paint finish. However, it may cost you an extra $299. Its standard finish is black aluminum. On the top and bottom of the unit, you may find nice and slim black-metal grilles.

There are two vents for air intake and a smaller vent for a fan. The front side has jacks for microphone and headphone, as well as two USB 3.0 ports and a slot-loading Blu-ray burner. You can also find a power button and a reset button with blue light.

The device has all the essential display ports and audio-related jacksat the back, along with a graphics card and an 802.11ac card for fast Wi-Fi networking speeds. This 19.6-pound PC comes with the convenientdimensions of 14.8×13.8×4.2 inches.


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This gaming desktop runs quietly yet strongly. It offers wonderful graphics performance.The device is installed with an Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia 980 Ti GPU. It has 16 GB RAM and 6 GB of VRAM.However, Maingear Drift provides a slightly below-average frame rate that is 133 fps at 1080p on high graphic setting and 104 fps at 1080p on low. When it is at the highest setting, the frame rate is 66 fps, which is way below than its competing PCs offer. Still, its 4k capability was satisfactory with a frame rate of 102 fps on low that is above average.

Ease of use

This gaming desktop is a sleek machine that can even fit under your television. Thus, its smart design lets you save some space and use it more comfortably.

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