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Gain Telekinetic Powers through Google Glass App

Do you wish that you could simply think about a picture and it could be clicked for you? Now, this is possible with this new app called MindRDR. Developed by a startup firm called This Place, which is based in London, the app can connect with the Google Glass as well as a Neurosky EEG biosensor. It allows you to concentrate and think about a picture in front of you. When you do that, this app lets you click that image. It has hi-tech specs that help in capturing the image of anything you really desire.

Neurosky MindWave Mobile_4

The way it provides such telekinetic powers to you is by translating your brainwaves or brain activity. This sensed brain activity is translated into action for Google Glass. Further, these glasses let you take the picture of the desired objects by concentrating your mind on that subject. You can also share these images directly through Google Glass.

To make it easier for you to take a shot, the MindRDR app provides regular feedback to you in concern with the picture clicking process. It lets you know how close you are to clicking a picture so that you can concentrate better on it.

After clicking your favorite pictures, you can directly share them on Facebook or Twitter. However, you will not have to work hard for that, as you can use your thought process again to do that. This app lets you use your mind’s power once again to share a picture with your friends and relatives.

MindRDR claims to be the first such app in the world that lets Google Glass wearers utilize their telekinetic powers or brainwaves for taking shots of images and sharing them on social platforms. Thus, you can now capture anything you see in front.


The MindRDR app analyzes brain activity using Neurosky MindWave Mobile, which is a commercial brain monitoring system. The brainwaves of a user are represented as meditation and attention levels. The information for each session is built up using the data from these values.

This information further helps in charting out the levels of concentration as soon as the users start concentrating on a picture. There is a horizontal line that represents visual feedback. When users concentrate better, this line starts moving up to the top. This line goes down in case the user relaxes. An image is taken when this line touches the top level of concentration.

Whenever a user would want to click a picture or share it, they would concentrate to take this line to the top. On the other hand, they would take it to the bottom in case they would want to trash this image or click another one. This is all done on the next screen. Users’ performance is displayed by this app through calculated scores and their success through emojis.

Neurosky MindWave Mobile

Thus, there is no use of voice or text commands in order to click images. This app is of great use to photographers, as it reduces their efforts. On the other hand, some people may not like this app for the fact that taking pictures covertly could invade their privacy.

You may never know if someone takes your picture using this app and Google Glass. However, this highly innovative app makes good use of the world’s most popular technology by linking it to a user’s brainwaves. The app could also be very useful for people with disabilities. Although the company finds its applications limited as of now, it is planning to add newer features to the app so more people can connect to this wide world.


The MindRDR app is designed creatively to sense your brain activity and make use of it to click and share pictures. It makes you concentrate on an image and then the connected Google Glass takes that picture for you.


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