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eHighlighter is your friend in transcription and research

Research Habits digital, LLC has designed a productivity app called eHighlighter. This app is targeted at people involved in researches, as well as those users who frequently need to transcribe content from paper sources.


Appearance –

The eHighlighter app has simple features that can be easily handled by all types of users. There are options to search, sort and share your highlighted notes in an organized manner. You can use this app to copy and paste notes and excerpts from various paper sources, including books, magazines and journals. You may not only highlight and transcribe notes from online sources, but can also do the same from hard copies of these paper sources. There are additional options to review your stuff online or in the app. Overall, the app is quite well designed.

Performance –

This app is compatible with all Apple mobile devices that run iOS 7.0 or later. It has been optimized for iPhone 5. It is highly effective when we talk about its performance. You can take your notes within seconds using this app, as it uses your phone’s camera to capture information from paper sources. The OCR technology of this app makes it quick and efficient to record and highlight your digital notes.

Ease of use –

While it may take you a long time to write down or type your quotes and excerpts, it becomes an easy and quick task with eHighlighter. You can save a lot of time, as the app also helps you in organizing your notes in seconds. It is also very simple to search and review your notes or highlights at a single place.

Usefulness –

When you want to select specific quotes and sentences to transcribe, you can easily do it with eHighlighter. This app can make your research work quite simpler with its note highlighting, keyword searching, transcription, and organization capabilities. If you want to add annotation or tags to your highlights, then eHighlighter helps you with this task too.

Many researchers find it complex to manage their citations in varied professional styles and formats like APA or Chicago. This app can also handle this task for such users.Additionally, citation information can be added just by scanning a barcode. Apart from managing citations, you can use eHighlighter to export your notes to your email, Evernote or Dropbox.

Value for money –

Since the app is available free of cost, it offers complete value for money.


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