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Here’s why the MIUI 5 is possibly still better than the MIUI 6 ‘upgrade’

MIUI is a customized Android platform launched by Xiaomi. It is considered to be the most amazing Android firmware which is available for both the Xiaomi and non-Xiaomi users. Anyone can download MIUI ROM and use it in their Samsung, HTC, Lenovo or Huawei devices. Xiaomi has recently launched the latest version of this Android firmware, namely the MIUI 6.


Fans have started downloading it and checking out the new specs and facilities. Unfortunately, many of the ardent fans of MIUI have complained that the MIUI 6 is lagging behind the MIUI 5 in performance. In the following, some of the main reasons behind such complainTS have been listed for the benefit of users who are yet to use MIUI 6.

Camera without perk:


We all know how important the camera of our hand held smartphone devices is. The Camera of MIUI 5 is fine but that of MIUI 6 seems to be less user-friendly than the precedent. Xiaomi has taken away the advanced mode from the Camera that the fans have grown fond of. Removing the advanced mode has made the camera lackluster. Xiaomi has also made it difficult for users to quickly access the important camera features like HDR Mode, Panorama, Skin Tone, Audio and HHT. For getting these features one will now have to swipe towards left or right.

The custom menu can’t be toggled:

 MIUI 5 1

MIUI 5 used to let the users customize the toggle menu according to their desire and convenience. The same feature is not available in the upgraded version MIUI 6. In MIUI 5 there was a ‘More’ option which is not present in MIUI 6. One also cannot choose the style of the tiles or the horizontal toggle menu if they wish to do so. MIUI 6 shows the number of notifications that the user is yet to check out on unlocking the screen. It has a flat design, which makes the apps look brilliant, but the utmost simplicity of the screen has not pleased the users.

Users are missing the previous file explorer:


The simplistic design of the MIUI 6 has made many of the apps lose their appeal. The older explorer enabled the users to check the empty storage space with a single click but now they have to click setting and go to the setting page for checking the amount of empty storage space available. The users are also upset about the missing ‘show hidden file’ option.

The Music setting has been stripped:

Music setting

Xiaomi is known for its wonderfully developed and advanced music player. The music player of MI3 makes it unnecessary to even download the third party apps for listening to quality music. The MIUI 6’s music setting, however, lacks some of the vital features like shake to skip. The lyrics for staying awake option are also not present. The users can only hope that Xiaomi techies will soon return their favorite features.

Not compatible with preferred themes:


Most of the themes from the theme store do not work with MIUI 6 because the new OS is still in the early stages of development. The theme designers will have to update the themes before we can use them with MIUI 6.


There are plenty of other small and big issues with the MIUI 6 which users did not have to face with the MIUI 5. MIUI 6 does not offer the convenient quick setting option to users. The way the keys function has also changed at it will take some time before the users get accustomed to them.

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