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Best habit tracking apps for 2020


We are creatures of habit whether we are aware of them or not. The habits are small routines and ways we do things. Some habits are good for us but some are downright damaging for our health, physical or emotional or mental. To break habits such as smoking, there are apps which can help to control and overcome it. Procrastination is a habit which is ingrained in many people. Check out the best habit tracking apps for 2020, to help keep track of bad habit, form new good habits and maintain them.

Best habit tracking apps for 2020

1. Habitica


Habitica is quite creative in maintaining and creating good habits. Inspired by RPG video games, you have to complete tasks in order to reach the next level in your customized avatar. The video game like feel of the app motivates people to stay on their goals to break bad habits.Your friends can also join in to completes missions and quests. This is one of the habit tracker app for Android, especially for those who enjoy playing games.

The app can work on Web and iOS platform as well.

2. Momentum Habit Tracker

Momentum Habit Tracker

Momentum has multiple features that makes it perfect to keep track of routines and habits. It is one of the best apps for building better habits, as you can import the data onto an Excel documents. This lets you view your progress easily and makes it easier to set targets, take notes and more, thus helping to control habits. Momentum has been made only for iOS platform and your data can be integrated easily on iCloud.

3. StickK


Image Source : i2.wp.com

This app was developed by the behavioral economists at Yale University. When you sign up to the app, you create a commitment contract with the app and yourself to reach targets. For those who like a little gamble, you can bet money on your own self. To increase motivation, you can sign in your family member or friend to check the data to make sure that you are on your way to breaking those bad habits.

The commitment idea is the best aspect of the app, as you have to live up to it, and stay motivated. This is actually borne out by science and StickKis an app that is based on Thaler’s Nudge theory. The app is interesting and eye-catching layout and can be downloaded on both Android and IOS platforms.

4. Habitify


Image Source : uploads-ssl.webflow.com

The app is well-designed and has an easy interface. The app lists your habits for your day, and you have to just check them off the list as you complete them. This app is available on all the major platforms – iOS, Android and Mac.

Habitify also has Dark Mode to relieve the eye strain. The charts and graphs make it easy to track your progress. There is an Apple Watch app as well as iPhone home screen widget for iOS users.Habitify is one of the simple but effective apps for building better habits.

5. Productive Habit Tracker

Productive Habit Tracker.

Another simple app, the interface design is good and makes it easy to track your habits. With the intuitive design, you will be able to plan your day habitwise, and keep a check on yourself. The app tracks your successes so that you can measure your improvement, which leads to being motivated to carry on fighting against the undesirable habits.

6. Strides


Image Source : mobileappdaily.com

This app is one of the free habit tracking apps but you can upgrade it to Premium for a price. Strides is almost the same as Habitify, featuring a clean, professional UI with an easy interface. The habit tracking functionality can be said to be the same as that of Habitify. So, what is different about Strides? In Strides, you can set up streak goals, great for long-time challenges. The habit goals can be ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for simple things like flossing.

Another thing you can do in Strides is that you’re able to set some quantity goals. For example, 25 pushups every morning, drinking certain number of glasses of water and so on. You can also get to know your ‘average’ for any habit.This is quite useful if you if you want to just track your weekly average rather than getting stressed about the number of times every day. For instance, you can set the goal of going to the gym for an average of 3 times a week. This flexibility allows you to stick to your good habits and reach your target.

7. Habitshare

Habitshare app

Image Source : cdn.apkmonk.com

This is a habit tracker app for Android as well as iOS platforms. This app is a bit different from other habit tracking apps. On this app, you can connect to friends who are trying to kick certain habits and forming new habits. It is like a social network but if you do not want to share progress details with others, you can do so by controlling the privacy settings. You can choose to share or not to, and also with whom you want to share.

When you share tracking habits with friends, you can see their last check in date, send messages and comment on their progress, to motivate them. Your friends will be able to do the same with you.The options for habit optimizing is quite basic, but it has its good points.

8. Streaks


Streaks, meant for any iOS device, has made it possible to track multiple habits without sacrificing the advanced features. The minimal interface which is vibrantly colored which makes it very attractive and fun to work with. You can manage about dozen habits and each habit is assigned a cute little icon. It provides many options to check off your habits, reducing friction between apps.

If you tap on any habit icon, you can access it from any iOS device or use the Siri Shortcuts to hear things like ‘Thirst quenched’, or whatever the phrase you assign to the habit of hydrating from time to time.More specific settings are possible, such as assigning days, how many times you completed, timers to track activities such as meditating or reading and more.  You can integrate with Apple Health to.

Streaks also makes very helpful suggestions to set you back on the track of following your habit schedule and finally attaining your goal.

9. Coach.me


It is not as easy as it sounds to get rid of habits which have been a part of you for years together. Or to start new, positive behaviors and maintain them. Through this app, you can get a coach to help you on your journey. Though the habit tracking is free, you have to pay 20 dollars and maybe more every week to get help from a coach. It is available on Web, iOS and Android.

The community feature of the app is great too. That is, for any of the habits that you may have in common with others on the app, there would be a thread of discussion related to it that might benefit you. You can share ideas about the habit or how to rid yourself of it, and get the encouragement and support when you are struggling.

As mentioned earlier, you can opt for personalized support by visiting the ‘coaching’ section. The coach will check with you regularly, to make sure that you are keeping up the good habit. When you are in trouble, your coach will motivate you to complete your goals for the day, week or month.

10. Tally

Tally counting app

Image Source : i.ytimg.com

Tally claims to be an ‘anything tracker’, as it is deceptively simple, and is kind of a counting app. You can count the number of coffees you guzzle every day, or how many times you smoked and so on. With Tally, you can track many habits as you want, and keep on top of each one with some advanced tools.

The app supports both Apple Watch and widgets, allows you to create groups for similar types of habits, filter the list, set reminders etc. Adding notes with each habit allows to add context, and you can also sync them to iCloud or Dropbox to access and record your progress.

In the free version, you can track three habits but in the paid $4.99 upgrade, you can track countless habits, get multiple reminders and some security in the form of passcode protection.

11. Habit-bull


Habit-Bull is packed with features, more than other apps. It has a very detailed recording system, that means you will be able to receive detailed info about your efforts.

If your aim is to enhance your fitness, then Habitbull can be easily integrated with GoogleFit. As all the information can be stored on cloud, you will never lose any data. The app is a sophisticated one, so it’s not for you if you want something simple. It works on both Android and iOS platforms.

Once you resolve to get rid of a harmful habit/s, or form a new habit/s, you need all the help you can get. Using a habit tracking app makes sense as your smartphone is with you all the time, and with the notifications and reminders you can stay on target, till you are able to change damaging behaviors and maintain new, healthy behavior.

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