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Apple Watch – Review

Along with the launch of its latest smartphones, Apple also unveiled the range of its wearable called Apple Watch. This long-awaited debut includes three wearable watches that include Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition.


The three versions of Apple Watch differ only by their materials that include aluminum, 18K gold and pink gold. You can also select your wrist strap out of feminine, masculine and youthful choices. The overall appearance of this smartwatch is classy, stylish and elegant. Its looks can appeal to any fashion geek. The user interface is great with its menu arranged in a circular bubble pattern on the home screen itself. You can make the watch active by raising your wrist. It allows you to access some simplified apps and change your watch face and color out of several options. You may also customize various other menu options on the watch.


The newly released Apple Watch can work well with iPhone 5 and later. Its screen works like Retina display. You may use it with both iPhones and iPads. It comes with the so-called sense force that gives a vertical dimension to the 2D touch input system. Apple Watch acts as a health tracker and works well with the new Apple Pay system. It can give you effective health-related data during a fitness session, such as about steps taken, calories burnt, etc. Apple Watch also makes you use multiple apps efficiently by using its new interaction system called Glances. Apart from this, it has several other useful apps installed for your benefit. It also synchronizes well with a variety of third-part and social media apps.

Ease of use

This smartwatch is very simple to use, as you do not need to interact with the screen. You receive a clear view of the well-organized menu and you may easily navigate through it using the crown. It can be twisted if you want to zoom in and out of menus. You may also press it to reach back to the home screen. Wearing the watch is easy and comfortable. You can simply strap it on like a regular watch.


Apple Watch comes with some useful features like Digital Touch communication, which works on the tap of a single button. If opens a list of friends you often talk to and then allows you to share pictures and sketches with them. Additionally, this device works like a fitness tracker. It has a crystal at the back that is fixed with LEDs to track your heart rate. The back of this device also has a wireless inductive charging mechanism so a charger can be attached to its magnet. Additionally, your finger taps can send you feedback through a vibrating mechanism.

Value for money

The price for Apple Watch starts at $350 that may seem to be a little high for general users. Apple fans may still consider this fashionable wearable even at the mentioned price.


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