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Best Android Apps Allowing Cloud Storage

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If you are using a tablet or Smartphone in your daily business purposes, then what you need is a cloud storage service. Android phones have apps that take back up of your files and store it on the cloud ensuring you have the latest version of your important file whenever you require it.

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Cloud Storage

There are various cloud storage platform available each with its own features, compatibility and pricing. Your selection needs to be based on personal requirements and features you are looking for. Let us look at some of the options you have to select from in terms of cloud storage services and the features they provide.

Various Cloud Storage Platforms

dropbox app on your mobile


It is a cloud storage platform that allows you to sync your documents across all the devices you have. There is also the option to revert to earlier saved version of any file as well as recover any of the deleted files in case you require them.

After installing the dropbox app on your mobile, you will be able to view and use stored files easily on the cloud. There is another function available in the app using which you can mark any file as favorite so that it is cached and can be viewed when you are offline. Business subscribers can use secure folders to store the files as well as 2-step verification to provide you with added security.

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 Box android app


Apart from excellent storage system, it has useful project management tools as well as shared project timelines so that all team members can follow the task. It is also possible to assign various tasks and keep track of file versions while all the team members make edits on the file.

There is another unique options which lets you send a download link for large files and useful if it is difficult to send a large document as attachment in a mail.

 Google Drive computer

Google Drive:

The main advantage of using Google Drive is that it provides excellent integration with Office apps of Google consisting of word processor and spreadsheet editor. These are fully functional versions of office tools Google provides and can be used on your Android Smartphone.

The app is also capable of opening different types of files ranging from PDFs to images and videos. Android users can install Google Drive on their computer to easily backup as well as sync all their files across devices connected on the internet.


If you are looking for cloud storage apps, there are several options available out there. However, the selection will solely be based on your monthly usage and the features you are looking for.

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