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Automate your home completely with Google Home 2018

Google Home 2018
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Google Home speakers are smart speakers manufactured by Google. Released first in 2016 in US and worldwide in 2017, these speakers work in tandem with Google’s intelligent assistant called the Google Assistant. You can use a number of home automation devices, appliances, and services with Google Home 2018. With a simple voice command, you can enjoy your favorite music, control video or images, and receive notifications. You can place many Google Home devices in different rooms to listen to music. Google’s Assistant can recognize up to 6 different voices – so all or almost all of your family members will be able to give voice commands.

More about Google Home 2018

Google Home 2018Google Home speakers are good to look at, and they blend into any décor. They are cylindrical shaped, and LED lights let you know the speaker’s status. You can choose your speakers from Google Home Mini and Max. 

Google Home and Google Assistant can help you with thousands of tasks. You just have to take the time to discover them. Once you figure out all the things they can do, they will be a powerful tool to have in your home.

How Google Home Mini and Max look like?

The Google Home Mini is available in a range of cool colors, whereas the original Google Home is pure white. The base can be swapped for copper, red, or black to give the speaker some personality or to suit your home’s color scheme. The Google Home can be easily made portable with a battery pack. This will allow you to take the device outside to the backyard too.

Ways in which Google Home can help you

Get information

Google Home 2018

If you want to find out something, you no longer have to Google it by typing out your query in your mobile or other net connected device. Now, with Google Assistant, you just have to ask your personal ‘Assistant’. Right from weather and recipes to music and general knowledge – everything. And if you feel like talking, it might ‘talk ‘ back to you! There are a zillion (we just mean a huge number!) Google Assistant apps which you choose according to the operations you need to be done.

Go shopping

No need to sit and make lists for your shopping. Just ask your Google Home 2018 to order food and other household necessities. You have to set up your payment method with Target, Whole Foods, Ulta, Walmart, Petsmart, and a host of other stores.

Brush your teeth to a shine

If you don’t want to rush through your tooth brush routine, set a timer, and brush for as long as the dentist told you to. With Google Home routines, you can organize your life and live healthier.

The remote will control you no more

 Google Home 2018

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Earlier, you had to plod through your remote to find the movie on Netflix you were watching. With Google Home 2018, you just have to tell Google Assistant to stop, pause, rewind, play etc.  No more hunting for the remote– your kid can hide it anywhere he likes and you still can watch TV.

Change the voice

As they say, to each his own. So you may not like the default voice of Google Assistant. Google has made provisions for that too. You can choose from the many voice options in the Settings of the app. Some voices are more robotic than others, though. If you’re into sci-fi , you may like a robot like voice. Otherwise, just wait for John Legend’s voice to be one of the options available soon.

How to set your own Google routine?

Google Home 2018Set up your own Google Home routines with the Assistant app. There are 6 pre-installed Google Home routines you can choose from. There is the ‘Good morning’ routine, ‘Commuting’ routine, and so on. Of course, the customize option is there. This enables you to create your routine as per your convenience and needs.

Step by step guide to setting up your own Google routine

To help you negotiate the app, we thought we should give you a little how-to mini guide:

1st step – launch the app

The voice which is activated on Google Home 2018 is called the Google Assistant. Open the Google Home application/app on your smartphone. After it launches, tap on the menu option/icon, in upper right hand corner. Choose ‘Settings’ from Menu.

2nd step – customize

In Settings, find ‘Routines’ and tap on that. Next, choose any one of the available routines. From Google Help option, you can get to know what each one can do. For example, the Bedtime option can put Android phones on silent mode, let you know about the next day’s weather, set alarm, play music on timer, and much more.

Google Home routines 2018 has the option for you to select a routine and activate it. Customized phrases which you are more comfortable using are also available. After you activate Google Home routines 2018,  you can deselect or select an action to suit your preference.

3rd step- Tweak settings for connected devices

If you have smart devices connected with Google Home 2018, you can tap Plugs, More, Adjust Lights, etc from the Master Routines list. Then the app will pull up the list of smart devices linked to Google Home. Choose Turn Off, Turn On, Don’t Change, etc. Adjust Thermostat command will let your return to a warm home or set it to the right temperature.

4th step – choose audio type

Google Home 2018 can be very helpful; but if you don’t set the proper volume, you may be rudely awakened in the morning with a very loud alarm. Scroll to the last option on the checklist which allows you to change audio volume. You can find your way around this option to set the volume for all your choices – news broadcast, music, notifications, etc.

Google Home’s routines options are organized according to the different actions you may perform during the day. This feature replaces My Day settings; but for now, it is available only in the US. Google Routines can be used with Apple iPhones and Androids too.

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