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Alcatel takes a dip in the smartwatch market with the One Touch Go

OneTouch Go Watch

Alcatel is finally going to enter the smartwatch market with its colorful customizable product called OneTouch Go Watch. While it may remind you of an old Casio watch, it has actually managed to go farther with some useful features and interesting looks. Let us check out more about this upcoming smartwatch that focuses more on mood monitoring.


Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch works like many other smartwatches and helps you stay alerted with notifications for your phone calls, messages, and emails. It not only displays the time, but also goes far beyond to fetch you important information on things like weather and your tracked activity details.It tracks your steps, calories burned, distance and sleep pattern, thus helps you improve your lifestyle.

One of its amazing features is Emotional Pulse, which reads your emotion at the moment and suggests you to do some activity accordingly. It may suggest you to dance, to play sports or to go for a race, all to share your emotions with the external world. Thus, it can easily make your life livelier.

Value for money

With an expected price tag of around $145, Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch looks decently priced. In fact, many users may find it cheaper than other similar smartwatches.


This smartwatch looks fun and appealing with its vibrant and colorful design. You can also change its feel by altering its front casing, as well as its colored bracelet that gives it a unique appearance each time. The 1.22-inch display with a resolution of 240×204 pixels is nice and clear. The user interface is interesting with catchy graphics displayed on its full-color touchscreen. However, you might not like the old flat-tire look and even the large-sized bezel. We cannot actually call it a modern-style smartwatch.


This gadget works nicely via Bluetooth on both the Android and iOS platforms, as it does not run solely on an Android platform and has the company’s own software.It also works satisfactorily while capturing information related to your movement and translating it to graphics. The information is gained from its in-built accelerometer, heart rate monitor, gyroscope, and pedometer. The gadget has a Cortex M4 chipset. It comes with a 225mAh battery that may give you a decent life of about 4-5 days in one go.

Ease of use

Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch is fairly easy to handle. It is resistant to water and dust. Thus, you can be free of the stress of any accidental spills or drizzles. The smartwatch is also quite durable.

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