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A guide to cloud based proposal creation with Quoters.io

cloud based proposal creation with Quoters.io
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A professional, organized proposal can be the secret to gaining your client. With Quoters.io, you can create detailed proposals, which stand out from the rest. Not only proposals, you can use your Quoters account to draft contracts, which can be signed digitally by the clients. All your data is saved in the cloud, so you can access it whenever you want and make changes on the go, if required. I found it good to have all my new and old business documents at one place. 

Guide to Quoters.io: create and manage your proposals, contracts and business documents 

How Quoters.io can be of use to you

Quoters software

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The software makes your proposals look professional and better. You can choose the look for every proposal and even reuse them to send to different clients. This saves a lot of time and energy. There are no limits to the number of active or created proposals and Quoters.io adapts to your needs.

If you are a one man army, you have to do all the work yourself, including the creation of proposals, drawing up contracts, following up on the status of these, and providing the service. With Quoters.io, you can do all these things pretty quickly, and deliver everything on time. This will impress your clients and motivate them to hire you for future projects too.

Companies can take advantage of the cloud based platform as employees and teams can share data wherever they are, required for a sales pitch or proposal, manage sales documents, following up on proposals and then finally closing the deal. The quotations for work can be customized to represent the brand image, thus establishing the brand even more firmly in the customer’s mind. 

Keep track of all the proposals

In an ideal world, the first proposal you make would be the one which would be accepted unconditionally by the customer. But in the real world, that is a unique occurrence. You might have experienced, just like I have, that you have to make a few adjustments to your proposal before it gets accepted. With Quoters.io, it is very easy to keep track of all the changes in the proposal, till the final stage. 

Sign contracts digitally

Sign contracts digitally

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After your proposal is finalized, you can continue to the contract making stage on Quoters.io itself. Now, the process becomes very easy, as you already have your template and data. All you have to do is share the digital contract with your client, and he can sign it digitally and securely. This makes work faster, as you don’t have to visit offices physically, and everything happens online.

You can actually work for anyone or any company who has their offices in another part of the world. All the work, as well as signing documents etc can be virtual.

How to make a proposal with Quoters.io

It is quite simple to create proposals and contracts with this responsive tool. There are many templates such as Brand Design, Marketing, SEO, Copywriting, UX design, Construction, Website Design, Software Design, Mobile App Development, Social Media, Audio and Video, Health, Dental Services and a range of other templates. Even if your work does not fall into any of these categories, then you can customize any template.

First you can choose a template or create your own. Then add the items, price, costs in the specially designed pricing table, along with the taxes etc for the items/total cost. Thirdly, just share the proposal with the client. It’s as hassle free as that! 

Use videos and images

Quoters add images and videos

Image Source : quoters.io

Creating the first impression can make or break a deal. With Quoters.io, you can do that as you can add images and videos into your proposals. This would make your proposal stand out and give your proposal more than a good chance to be in the running to close the deal. You can charge better rates, which seem justified also, if you present a good, noteworthy proposal.

The images can be used as a section background, or as element to a table or text, from the free high res image library, or your own images. Add videos as elements or background. 

Price point

There are three plans – Beginner Plan, Advanced Plan and Ninja Plan. The Beginner Plan is for small companies or individuals who don’t need advanced features, but want to impress their customers. Advanced Plan grants access to PDF download, advanced quotations, optional rates and so on.

The Ninja Plan is for those who want all the features of Quoters.io, including electronic signature.

Quoters.io is fully responsive, and can be viewed on any device: mobile, tablet or PC. This is very convenient as your proposal can be made, sent and viewed regardless of time, device and place. For those who want to create new customers fast, choosing Quoters.io would be a good idea!

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