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A guide to Alugha: Creating multilingual videos easily

Creating multilingual videos with Alugha
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Have you ever wished your videos were being watched by millions of people worldwide, irrespective of language? You can’t very well create videos in every language. Till now. With Alugha, viewers can have the option to change the language of the video, when the video is playing/streaming.This means that you have the choice to create a single video in the language of your choice, and it still will be understood and enjoyed by viewers worldwide in their preferred language. Here’s a review of this online tool for video creators.

 Create a single adaptive video

multilingual video creation with Alugha

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As a video creator on a regular basis, I really liked this online tool. Now, all the videos which I so patiently create with a lot of time and effort can have a much larger audience. People who are looking for the kind of topics I make the videos on can watch mine too, though our languages may be different. All they have to do is turn on the preferred language and it will play in that particular language.

For example, a video made in English can be watched in French, or German or Spanish, thus increasing the audience base manifolds. 

How it works – The Dubbr

It is a very user friendly process. All you have to do is create an account, and login. As it is an online tool, and compatible with all browsers, you don’t have to install any software. All your videos can be modified or enhanced in the cloud.

Using the tool called the ‘dubbr’, you can convert your video into a multilingual one. You can add your own audio tracks or use the voice over feature directly from Alugha’s dubbing studio. This means that you do not have to hire the services of a professional translator, thus reducing your cost.

To translate the language of the video into other languages, you have to record different segments with the help of a microphone or smartphone. 

Transcribe and give subtitles

Alugha’s cloud hosting

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After uploading a video on Alugha’s cloud hosting, you can transcribe your videos too. All you have to do is add every line of your original language into the text editor or the timeline to create segments and transcribe.

After translating the text, you can compare with the original text and make corrections.

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The language tracks have the facility to add audio and subtitles. The tracks act like storage which is filled up with the translated video and text. With the language text view, you can create synced subtitle translations automatically. This feature is very convenient and efficient and makes your job hassle free. 

Speech to text feature

This is another feature which speeds up work as you don’t have to type every single word of your script. You can simply speak the content and the tool transcribes the content automatically. This makes generating subtitles convenient and efficient.

Videos which have subtitles are easier to understand and have better response from viewers, especially if your video has informative content.

Personalize your video

A guide to Alugha

Image Source : alugha.com

The customization tools allow for stamping the videos with your brand identity. For companies who want to establish their presence globally, this would go a long way in establishing themselves in a new market. As there has been a boom in the consumption of electronic media, and people are consuming content in the form of videos, it is necessary to create, publish and publicize videos which convey your brand identity.

You could be an individual looking to make a mark, or a small company going global -with multilingual videos, you can be sure to reach the target segment even in a new country.

Thumbnails, description, background as well as metadata can be customized to present a complete brand identity. 

Share videos on different online platforms

The multilingual videos made with the help of Alugha can be shared on all the online platforms that you currently use, such as Facebook and YouTube. There is no need to convert the videos to other formats to make them usable.

Who is it for?

Unlock the multilingual potential of popular platforms

Image Source : alugha.com

If you are a beginner and do not create many videos, you can opt for the free beginner level option, where you can adapt one video in a month. Or if you want to try out Alugha, you can do so by going for the free option. Once you get to know how it works you can invest 39 Euros a month and then choose to increase according to your needs. The Enterprise level, for companies which have a high volume of video production is a better choice.

However, for all the options, you have the choice to upload your videos on Alugha or on YouTube. This one stop online tool for creating multilingual videos including audio translation and subtitles allows you to have a presence globally, and saves a lot of money and time while doing that.

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