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4GEE Action Cam: Never Lets You Miss Any Action

4GEE Action Cam: Never Lets You Miss Any Action
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EE has introduced a cool sports camera that is capable of live streaming over a 4G connection. Even if there is no 4G coverage, it can work amazingly over a 3G connection. The camera is called 4GEE Action Cam, which can even be a strong rival for GoPro. Check out what all it brings forth to you as a professional or hobby photographer.


4GEE Action Cam is not only beneficial for the streaming of live video footage on 4G, but is also useful as a Full HD (1920 x 1080 p) camera that can give you a view of all the action on the accompanying Viewfinder Watch. This is done with the help of the screen of the Viewfinder Watch.

This sports camera is also great for underwater shooting, as you receive a hard case with it that is waterproof. You also receive a robust soft case in case you also need to record sound, as that is not possible with the hard case. Thus, you may find the sound missing during underwater shooting. Otherwise, 4GEE Action Cam offers something special for the basic user. Still, it may not be that beneficial for extreme sports enthusiasts.

Value for money

For regular sports cam users, 4GEE Action Camcomes with affordable pay-for data contracts.The pricing for these plans may vary according to your product anddata planpurchase requirements. Still, its upfront cost is around $465 with additional amount for the contractplan. However, it may not be worthy for those who want to either pay once or do not need to broadcast their action on a regular basis.


The square-shaped camera looks elegant in its black and gray plastic look. The accompanying watch is also quite user-friendly and you can easily watch the videos streaming on its screen. The cam is lightweight at 128 grams, so you can easily shoot videos under water too.

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This sports camera has f/2.8 aperture and the capability to take 13 MP still shots. Its image sensor has an aspect ratio of 4:3. However, you will still find it okay for wide footage.The camera has a fixed focus and a wide angle of 1/2.3 inch. The overall look and usage feel of this cam is simply nice.


4GEE Action Cam works nicely when you link it to any of your iOS or Android device. There is a companion app that works pretty fine. The capture and live streaming of videos is also of satisfactory quality, but videos shot under low light conditions can be somewhat grainy. If you blow up the video on a large screen, then it might also get pixelated.

Still, it is acceptable from a sports cam that meets all your basic needs well.Besides the 4G and 3G connectivity, you can also use its 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi to connect. On the other hand, you may find its2260mAh battery’s life satisfactory, as it can go up to 5 hours while shooting a regular video. You can use the cam to gain an internal storage space of 4 GB, which is practically only 2.5 GB available for use. This is another down point. However, you can increase the memory up to 64 GB with the help of a microSD card.

Ease of use

It is quite easy to use this camera to take videos and broadcast theseon EE network from it directly.You can also change the camera settings easily on its clear top display with the use of two simple buttons. The slots of the cam are also designed to give you the usage convenience. In addition, it is simple to check with colored LEDs when a video is being recorded. Its anti-fog pads are further useful for easy use under water.

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