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Apple Music: Review

Apple Music: Review

Apple has come up with an app that caters to all your music needs. While we expect this service to be simple and bug-free when it is from a brand like Apple, we actually found this app lagging on some features, as well as navigation ease. Check out the rest that this service called Apple Music has in store for you.


If you are among the chunk of people who pay for music streaming, then this app can be a useful platform for you. You can find all types of music and musical talks on this app. The app has designed five segments for your enjoyment. In the For You segment, there is all the music you might appreciate. The popular or latest releases are covered under a segment called New and your locally saved music can be found under My Music.

You can also enjoy behind-the-scenes shared pictures and videos from various artists under a segment called Connect. Apple has launched its Beats 1 radio station through a special Radio segment. In all, you can make use of more than 30 million songs on this single app to have joy. While the app is useful for music lovers, there are many competitive options that users may prefer over Apple Music.

Value for money

You can access Apple Music for around $10 a month or for $15 for up to six users’ group. Apple also gives you a free trial for a period of three months. Looking at the offer, we can suggest you to try it for sure if you already pay for music streaming. It is actually better than most of the music tools you would have already used.


Apple Musiclooks decent with its organization into different sections. However, you may find it problematic to teach it what you like or love in the music world. Otherwise, the features are convenient to use after the initial setup. While the interface appears colorful, it may also seem overwhelming at times with its unclean aesthetics. New albums and playlists would keep appearing and flooding your screen.Playlists in this app may also appear small to some users.Still, the overall look is satisfactory.


We cannot rate the performance of Apple Music very high, as it lags on a major factor that is the loading speed. The app is really slow for this task and it actually defeats the purpose it is designed for. You will also find some important social features missing in this tool.

Still, Apple Music can make its way in people’s hearts because it does not make them download any additional apps for music. It has integrated a variety of things very well. Even the playlists it selects for you are quite relevant to your musical interests, as it keeps a good record of your likes and favorites.

The app reshapes your albums and playlists nicely. On the other hand, it only allows you to search playlists from Apple and not from other users. Further, Apple Music app can be accessed on iOS, PC and Mac, though its navigation is confusing and hard. Just while listening to a song, you may need to tap multiple times to check the artist.

Even the sound quality offered by this app is not so good at 256kbps. There are various such performance issues that may need improvement in this app.

Ease of use

The app is not pretty uncomplicated to use. Apple’s ability to make their products simple just lacks in Apple Music. You may find it hard to find, set up and use this app, which makes it somewhat less enjoyable. Some users may also find it slightly messy. It can also be unappealing to those who do not want to use the desktop app integrated with iTunes.

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