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People are crossing borders to seek healthcare services in another country and this international phenomenon is termed as medical tourism. It is gaining popularity among urban and sub-urban residents of developed countries. Every new thing […]

Medical Tourism Advantages and Disadvantages

Opting for treatment in foreign locations means moving out of your comfort zone. Therefore, you have to possess a clear insight into not only the treatment process but all related aspects as well. That said,

effective communication for medical tourists

You have finalized your medical tourism venture and got your travel insurance. But is that all that you require? The objective of medical tourism is way different from pleasure tourism. It demands a special motivation

A Guide to Medical Tourism Insurance by Dr Prem

Embarking on a healthcare journey is a very important decision that you have made and it requires a lot of planning.  In order to ensure thorough planning and proper organization, you need to gather a

How to get authentic information for medical tourism

The whole process of medical tourism can be very harsh on your wallet and bank accounts. Appropriate budgeting for the entire trip will alleviate the stress of having to pay extra fees or for any

Budgeting for Medical Tourism

Even though the major focus of medical tourism in the UK has been on outbound tourism – British patients seeking healthcare out of the UK due to long waiting list, yet UK remains one of

Medical Tourism in UK

Medical tourism is fast gaining popularity. The new trend is that more and more people from western countries are opting for their treatment abroad. The reasons can be many. There is a rise in the

Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital, Thailand

Personalized medicine or precision medicine promises better healthcare solutions aiming more targeted therapies involving lesser cost and errors. In medical tourism, it has a long term implication given the conditions that medical tourists always look

development of treatments and medicines

Majority of medical travelers seek out destinations that allow them to relax and recuperate peacefully after their treatment. However, there are certain individuals who find combining medical travel with adventure tourism pretty exciting. If you

Aging, stressful work life and degenerative arthritis can cause lower back pain. There are also more serious reasons which can cause severe back pain like tumor, scoliosis and spondylolisthesis. People who are chronic sufferer of

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