Out of numerous responsibilities that are there on a parent’s shoulder regarding their children, food is certainly one of the biggest. It is of paramount importance for parents to take special care of their children’s diet. Kids tend to attract more towards junk food and aerated beverages rather than healthy nutritive food and juices probably because they only consider the taste and not its effect on their health.

This is why it is parents who are responsible to instill good food habits in their children by telling them all the pros and cons of all food products. Many a times it is seen that when a kid refuses to do a certain task, parents often lure them by offering chocolates and make them do that task. In this way the child becomes habitual of having chocolates that starts putting a negative impact on their health. Therefore, parents should be very careful while choosing ways to deal with their child. When children enter teenage, they tend to skip meals and this faulty food habit takes a toll on their health. Food habits are not made or changed overnight; it is an everyday phenomenon for which parents need to be observant.

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