Tips for Building Better Muscles with Less Protein

It is no news that muscle-building is a process complete only with the presence of proteins. Proteins are extremely crucial when talking about putting on lean muscle mass. Having said that, one cannot negate the fact that protein does not make up the required part of our diet that it should for the healthy wellbeing of the body.

The diet in most of the developing countries is exclusively deficient in protein, which is why muscle building becomes a serious issue. Also, a vegan diet is quite low in protein as compared to meat. If you are looking to consume less protein and still put on muscle mass, below are given a few tips to achieve the same:
Lift more weights:


Building Better Muscles

Just consuming protein is not going to help your body put on lean muscle mass. You need to work out your muscles in order to gain healthy mass. The best way to subject your body to exercise is to lift more weights and combine cardio exercises with resistance training.

This method works equally well with less amount of protein in your diet. By putting in a more physical activity like running and swimming, you can even convert your fatty muscle mass to leaner and healthier mass that will benefit your body in the long run.
Up your calorie-intake:


The lack of protein content can be met by substituting useful calories instead. Recent research has shown that more than relying on protein, it is important to consume energy-rich foods that help sustain and retain lean muscle mass. The nitrogen balance needs to be maintained to put on muscle mass, and it can only be achieved by increasing the energy content of your nutritious diet. Hence, watch over your calories, and try and avoid empty calories as far as possible.

Watch your diet:


Sure, you can increase your lean muscle mass if you are taking in less protein, provided that you look after the other aspects of your diet equally well. Carbohydrates, fats, and calories, along with micro and macronutrients must be sufficiently present in your overall balanced diet in order to make sure that you put on weight in a healthy way.

Monitor your liquid intake:

water intake

Drink plenty of water and electrolytes just before and after hitting the gym. Remember that your sodium and potassium levels need to be parallel to your lifestyle and only then will you be able to achieve the required body fitness without a lot of protein involvement.

Also, magnesium, iron, and calcium play a vital role in improving your physical fitness. This is one reason why you must not negate other nutrients while looking to substitute proteins. You can always rely on an instrument or an app to help you track your daily dose of dietary requirements.

Take in plenty of carbs:


Carbohydrates are a good way of sparing muscle protein. This means that you can use carbs as a good substitute for protein usage. These carbs can be made available by consuming carbohydrate-rich foods like potatoes, oats, and rice. You can even use carbs to bring down your body weight and convert your fatty tissues into the muscular ones with proper and correct exercise routines.

Make sure to consult with your dietitian and fitness trainer before you get on to any regime. Each person’s body responds differently to different types of foods and exercises. Hence, ensure that your protocol doesn’t bring you anything but a benefit.

Summing it up:

The above-mentioned tips are specially designed for a diet that is low in protein. One gram of protein is needed for every kilo of your body weight for ideal sustenance, and 1.5 grams if you are looking to put on muscle mass. Having said that, there are plenty of other healthy ways too, than the ones mentioned above, which you can use to increase your muscle load.

Always remember to consult with your dietitian in order to have your diet customised in accordance with your physical needs and conditions. Never completely cut down on protein. They are called ‘The Building Blocks of the body’ for a reason. Using these methods, you can increase your muscle mass with a bare minimum amount of protein.


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