Zofran, a new drug for drying out children

The anti-vomiting drug Zofran, given to children, dehydrated by viral gastroenteritis, helps them to recover. But emergency room doctors may be overusing the quick dissolving tablets. This came as the result of a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Childhood gastroenteritis causes the 1.5 million emergency room visit. Generally electrolyte solutions were providing to the children and they vomit. There is one choice is to manage fluid intravenously. Because children vomit who received ondansetron. Zofran reduce the need for intravenous. According to the report It is also being overused in emergency room.

The sudy says that up to 10 percent of the children in emergency room, which come specially in the winters, do suffers from childhood gastroenteritis. 1 in 4 children also have dehydration. It makes them lethargic with a dehydrated mouth and unable to make tears. Zofran is the GlaxoSmithKline Plc.’s product name for ondansetron.It uses to stop the vomiting.


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