XLIF procedure: A less painful back surgery

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Undergoing back surgery, in order to get rid of back pain is not going to push you into the sea of teeth-grinding pain, as new procedure called, XLIF is less pain-giving, if compared to conventionally used fusion surgery.

Fact that makes this new XLIF method less pain giving than conventionally used spinal fusion surgery is that where conventional method requires doctors to make a large incision in the back before cutting or moving muscles to remove bone and fuse vertebrae, XLIF procedure doesn’t require surgeons to enter through the side, which makes it unnecessary for them to cut muscles and an incision of just one inch enables surgeons to operate in between the muscles. Use of sensors in this new procedure enables a surgeon to know if he is getting too close to a patient’s nerves and this helps him in steering around them.

Throwing light on the reason that makes XLIF procedure less pain-giving Faissal Zahwawi, M.D., FACS, and a spine surgeon at Florida Hospital Celebration Health, remarks:

The pain is much less, because there is no repair.

It seems that the use of this new method would help patients a lot, whose life has turned into a nightmare due to teeth-grinding pain.


Via: Ivanhoe

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