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Women are at greater risk of health damage because they ignore warnings

Life is both busy and unpredictable. You never know when a small health problem will turn into a massive disorder. According to world wide surveys and research women neglect their health more than men and that’s why they are at a higher risk of becoming affected by chronic ailments. The modern women are so busy in taking care of their families and managing their tough work schedules that they do not get a chance of thinking about their health. Often they do not visit a doctor until the matter is very serious. Small diseases and health problems may result from a deep lying disorder. Women should get themselves checked thoroughly by an experienced physician every three months. Women who are already suffering from chronic ailments like diabetes should get check ups done every month.


For over a decade anti-smoking campaigns have been trying to reduce the number of smokers in the world. Smoking and drinking are habits that can ruin your life in more than one way.

Tobacco poses a big threat to the health of men and women smokers. Surprisingly, according to a survey, the number of male smokers has decreased but the number of women smokers has increased. Living in Britain did a survey sometime back and found that the percentage of young male smokers declined by 8% between 2000 and 2002. They also found that the percentage of young female smokers increased surprisingly by 1% between 2000 and 2002. Such a report indicates that women are less likely to heed health warnings than men.


Women are now more powerful and in control of their life than before. They don’t need men to buy them drinks. Probably that’s the reason why more and more women are drinking on all the weekdays and even during the weekends.

Drinking can lead to a lot of health troubles. 12% women who earn a high salary have admitted that they drink five days of the week. The percentage of female drinkers is increasing every year. In their strife for emancipation some women have forgot that they are putting their health at risk. Smoking and drinking don’t really make you independent or free but just create an illusion of well being.


Women should be more careful about their health and try to chuck the bad health habits. They often put their health at risk and neglect the basic health rules.

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