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Whole grains-diet may lower high blood pressure risks: Experts

whole grains may lower odds of high blood pressure

If your are middle-aged or older and your diet fits well with most whole grains, then rejoice for having less chances to develop high blood pressure – which nearly one in three U.S. adults suffer from!

Rightly called the ‘silent killer,’ if high blood pressure is not kept in control, it can lead to deadly diseases like stroke, heart attack, heart failure or even kidney failure!

So, one of the effective preventive measures of the disease, as been recently found, is ‘whole grains.’ Having most of these whole grains diet considerably decreases high blood pressure-risk, compared to those who intakes it the least.

Women who are found to have consumed the most whole grains have an 11 percent decreased risk of developing high blood pressure than those who took it the least in their diet.

Although, the whole grains’ fiber and other nutrients’ capability of lowering cholesterol, blood sugar and insulin levels, reducing inflammation in the circulatory system and improving blood vessel functioning are known, its benefit in reducing blood pressure risk is known only for the first time.

So, for people who take whole grains in their daily diet, now have another considerable reason to include it in your staple diet.


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