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When is it good to vomit, and when not


Some people feel queasy at the mention of vomit, while some have to throw up due to various reasons. Inducing vomit on a regular basis is definitely a no-no, and usually has serious psychological eating disorders behind it. Sometimes however, vomiting is necessary – especially if you have participated in a crazy eating binge, and at other times it is your body’s natural reaction to food or medicines which do not agree with you. Vomiting is necessary to get rid of the horrible nausea which you may be experiencing. So when exactly is it good to vomit and when should you realize that is becoming dangerous for your health:

 When is it good to vomit

extreme nauseaIf there are substances which are causing a negative reaction in your body, and you feel sick and extreme nausea, then you have to vomit to get relief. Most of us have vomited at some point in our lives, and these are irregular, once in a blue moon instances. This should be the same case with you, and we just cannot underline the fact enough, that vomiting regularly is not natural.

When do you know you have to vomit

When is it good to vomit? – When you are assaulted with uncontrollable nausea. Before inducing vomit, you must always make sure that it is absolutely necessary. You may have seen people throw up because they drank too much, and you may have the same reason. Sometimes, people suffer from severe vertigo, or motion sickness, and feel giddy, dizzy and extremely uncomfortable.

If you feel any dizziness or nausea while traveling, you may have to vomit. Stop the car and go a distance away from the car. In a train, you have to go to the washroom and throw up. On flights, you will have a paper bag or be given a paper bag, into which you can throw up. So when is it good to vomit – when you have motion sickness or vertigo or food poisoning.

How to induce vomit

Put your fingers deep inside the throatThese are a few ways how to throw up:

  • Using medication such as ipecac syrup, mustard water, and salt water.
  • Put your fingers deep inside the throat, at the back, and try touching the uvula. The uvula is the tiny, dangling skin flap you see when you open your mouth wide.
  • If you want to know how to throw up, watch some videos of people throwing up. Surefire way to get you going!

How to get rid of nausea naturally

Before you throw up, you may be able to relieve nausea naturally. This is a much better solution than thinking is it good to vomit, or that you should induce vomit. Some ways to do this are:

  • Sipping clear, sweet liquids such as fruit juice (not grapefruit or orange as these are too acidic
  • Rest in a propped semi lying position or sitting position. Try not to move as it might make your nausea worse.

If you’re taking some medications which make you feel nauseous throughout the day, you should try the following methods:

  • Eat small quantities but frequently, about 6-8 meals and a small snack at bedtime.
  • Eat cold/room temperature food, so that the smell is reduced.
  • Don’t eat in warm, stuffy or stale room.
  • Rinse mouth after and before meals.
  • Lie back with raised head or sit up after eating, which is one of the best ways to relieve nausea naturally. 

What to eat when you feel nauseated

cerealsWhile you’re wondering is it good to vomit or not, the choice is always not to vomit. Sometimes you may feel nauseated or giddy because you’re hungry. You may have been working too hard to have time to eat, which at the end of the day catches up with you and you feel like throwing up.

Eat something light to begin with, like crackers, toast, bread sticks or cereals. Then some protein like chicken, soy based foods, or anything which you think will stay down should be eaten, in moderation. Avoid spicy and sweet, greasy or fried food, as these will upset the stomach. Also, avoid eating something which has a strong smell, or this will make you throw up when you don’t want to!

When to seek medical attention after vomiting

When you do not suffer from bulimia, or any other disorder in which there is self-induced vomiting, and yet you have been vomiting frequently, you have to consult the doctor. Check out for these signs along with vomiting:

  • There is blood in your vomit (looks like coffee grounds)
  • You suffer from stiff neck and headaches
  • You are experiencing confusion, lethargy and so on
  • You have unbearable abdominal pain
  • You have a fever above 101 degrees Fahrenheit, and/or rapid pulse and breathing. 

The dangers of vomiting

The dangers of vomitingThere is no question about it – if you’re thinking is it good to vomit on a regular basis, then the answer is a big NO. It’s because:

1.     Your body becomes used to vomiting

The human body adapts quickly to any changes it encounters. If you vomit continuously after overeating (maybe you’re attending a wedding or hogging in the holidays!), then your body will automatically start throwing up, which is one of the very serious dangers of vomiting. 

2.     You become dehydrated

dehydrationWhen you vomit, a large amount of water, stomach acid and fluids are thrown out of the body. This may cause severe dehydration.

3.     You start suffering from ulcers/acid reflux

Chronic puking leads to ulcers and/or acid reflux. This will lead to other problems in the esophagus and stomach.

4.     You may become bulimic

Bulimia NervosaThrowing up after big meals which becomes a regular event is very dangerous. It may lead to Bulimia Nervosa which is one of the dangers of vomiting after every meal.

If you notice that your tendency to vomit after meals is increasing or that you feel the need to throw up, you definitely should consult your doctor, and seek the support of your family and friends. There may be some underlying issues prompting the vomiting, which you must resolve.

Nothing is impossible, so get help to start leading a ‘vomit-free’ life!

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