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Helping your kid deal with motion sickness

Helping your kid deal with motion sickness

Motion sickness, a very common term that means an uncomfortable feeling that comes when the balance and the sense of body equilibrium are disturbed. It is a situation when our mind finds it difficult to understand the conflicting messages about the body’s position and state in the environment. This usually happens to people when they go for amusing rides at adventure parks or while travelling.

Causes and symptoms

The balance center of the body lies in our inner ear. Whenever it receives extra stimulation, it results in motion sickness.We see something but our inner ear perceives it differently, which results in motion sickness.Confusion leads to nausea, restlessness, sweating, and increase in heart rate, rapid breathing, vomiting, and dizziness.

Some other factors that also contribute to this sort of uneasiness are poor ventilation, fear or anxiety, heavy food intake before travelling or an adventurous ride, genetic factors, and alcohol consumption. Some children get over it soon after experiencing a bout of motion sickness, while others take some days after the day of travelling to get better.

Tips that can prevent motion sickness in children

Make them look outside

While travelling you can make your kid look out in the distance and can help him get rid of motion sickness.While your car is on road, so ask your child to look far away at the horizon, this brings the equilibrium between the motion messages and balance, thus, keeping motion sickness away from your child.

Make them sit on the front seat

Your child would certainly feel less to throw up if he sits on the front seat and can have a look outside from the windshield. Front seat is not safe for the kids though, and traffic rules in many countries prohibit children below 12 sitting on the front seat but if your child has severe motion sickness problem then you must do this. The middle of the back seat is also a good option if that suits you.

No reading and game playing

Some children read while sitting in a moving car, others play their video games. This practice is not good because it puts a heavy strain on eyes and is pretty bad for children who suffer from motion sickness. Parents should never allow children to read comics and play video games in the car.

Make your child sit still and comfortably

Children who keep moving their head while traveling and the ones who refuse to sit comfortably on their seats are the ones who usually suffer from motion sickness bouts.Parents should encourage their kids to sit comfortably and relaxed on their seats. Do not dress your children in extremely warm clothes and keep the car temperature cool. Ask your child to rest his head on the seat.

Have breaks on the way

Do not travel a long stretch altogether but keep taking small breaks in between. Getting out of the car in fresh air will soothe your child’s throwing up feelings and the evil butterflies in the stomach. Opening the window in the moving car is also good, as the cool breeze on the face is a big reliever.

Do not start empty stomach

You should neither feed your children full before setting out on a journey nor start on empty stomach. Give them something light to have, and carry water, juice, and some light snacks along. Before start you can give your child some mild anti-motion sickness medicine if you feel the need, otherwise some precautions can save your child from motion sickness.

Travelling with children is challenging, especially when a child suffers from motion sickness. Well, if the parents know the actual reason, they can save their kid form the suffering of motion sickness.

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