Water diet

Summers are here, it’s time to get yourselves hydrated. Few people care about staying hydrated during the summers. Such people opt for Water Diet during the summers. These people stay away from issues like dehydration, headaches, skin dryness and other minor issues.

Water Diet

The diet is inexpensive and easy to maintain. There are no bizarre eating guidelines or restrictions. The diet only focuses on single type of nutrition which is Water. Nutritionists usually tell that an individual should consume 8 glasses of water each day.  The best part of this diet is that it is least expensive, readily available and easy to utilize.

People are usually confused in this diet that what is meant by a glass of water? A glass of water is defined as 8 ounces of cool and pure water fluid. In this way, 8 glasses of water becomes 64 ounces or 2 quarts or 1 half gallon of water. You must drink 1 half gallon of water for the entire summer time period daily to feel fresh, energetic and hydrated.

Tips on Following Water Diet

  • Water Diet does not asks you to change or omit your current diet.
  • All you need to do is to maintain an intake of 64 ounces of cold pure water.
  • Don’t drink too many glasses of water at one time. Divide the intake of water during the whole day.
  • You just need to ensure that the water you drink is safe.

Mineral water is also fine to consume in this diet. Steam iron water is also allowed to drink. You are not allowed to eat ice cubes. You must not add ice into your water. You may keep a jug or bottle in the refrigerator to cool the water.

In the start, you may have to spend a lot of time in the washroom to pass urine. Don’t give it up. You will find it normal only in a week’s time. You may also drink warm water if you wish to feel warm. There are no side effects of continuing with Water Diet. The diet and water itself have numerous benefits for humans.

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