Walk fast to shun smoking

brisk walking 64Wanna quit smoking, have brisk walk, jogging or running, for it would not only help you shun smoking but will keep you fit as well. A new study by the experts at the University of Exeter has put this new notion under the light after examining the effect of such activities on smokers’ desire to smoke.

According to these experts, just five-minutes of exercise were sufficient to help smokers overcome their immediate need for a nicotine fix. Surprised at the prolific effect of exercise Dr. Robert West, professor of health psychology at University College London said:

What’s surprising is the strength of the effect. They found that the acute effects of exercise were as effective as a nicotine patch.

In my opinion, this new way to quit smoking is so feasible that anybody can adopt it without spending even a single penny for this. In addition, where it will help bridle smoking habit, will encourage people to take part in physical activities too. Moreover, this new method doesn’t carry any side effect.

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