Vitamins and Minerals beneficial for Healthy Hair and Nails

In case you didn’t know, the hair and nails on your body are made of keratin, a fibrous protein. The health and texture of your hair and nails would therefore, depend on the amount of keratin molecules present in your body at any one time. While more keratin bonds would contribute to the hardness in your nails, less keratin bonds would contribute to soft, flexible hair. Thus, in order to maintain these keratin bonds in their proper places, it is essential that you add certain vitamins and minerals to your existing diet. These minerals and vitamins would help keep your nails and hair healthy for many more years to come.

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Vitamins Needed for Healthy Hair and Nails

Nutrients like Vitamin A help to keep your hair shiny as well as your nails from breaking/peeling off. The recommended dosage of Vitamin A on a per day basis happens to be 5000 IU.

Another nutrient, Vitamin C, contains antioxidants that would prevent your nails from splitting. Vitamin E on the other hand, improves blood circulation in the scalp while Vitamin B6 helps reduce hair loss and stimulates the production of melanin that would give hair its natural color. Vitamin B12 is extremely beneficial for the nails, aiding in their proper growth. It also helps maintain their color.


Minerals Needed for Healthy Hair and Nails

A range of minerals can help you get healthy hair and nails. These include copper, calcium, manganese, silica and iron, etc. which contribute to their healthy growth. The white spots that appear on nails sometimes can be linked to iron or zinc deficiencies.

A regular dosage of Biotin would also boost keratin production, thereby contributing to the proper maintenance of the keratin bonds in the hair and nails. The recommended dosage of Biotin for the body on a per day basis is about 300 mg.

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Getting these Vitamins and Minerals into your System

Now that you know which vitamins and minerals would help your hair and nails, how do you go about getting them into your system? Simple; follow a healthy, planned diet. Drink lots of water.

Opt for foods that contain these nutrients. Consult a doctor about taking supplements for these vitamins and minerals, although you should not overdo it. Following these steps religiously would enable you to see positive results in about 3 months time. So be patient and work your way to achieving healthy hair and nails in a proper, natural manner.


The hair and nails tend to lose their look and texture with time. However, certain vitamins and minerals can restore their health and look in no time at all. These minerals and vitamins need to be incorporated into your regular diet for at least three months before you start to see positive results.

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