Vitamins that can help reduce memory loss

Memory loss is quite common in aged individuals. However, individuals suffering conditions like Alzheimer’s disease would also tend to suffer from memory loss. Of late, many have started recommending vitamin tablets for individuals with memory problems. Studies indicate that these vitamins would have beneficial effects on the brain and boost memory power to a great extent. Accordingly, here are a couple of vitamins that are considered extremely efficient in treating memory loss.

Vitamin B12

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Previous research has linked memory loss in individuals to low levels of vitamin B12 a.k.a cobalamin in the body. As such, experts believe that adequate amounts of B12 when added to the daily diet, can boost memory power in individuals to a great extent. Hence, Vitamin B12 can be considered as a very potent tool to treat memory loss.

Individuals with stomach and bowel issues tend to suffer from B12 deficiencies on a regular basis. Since Vitamin B12 is found in animals, even vegetarians tend to face B12 deficiencies occasionally. It is recommended that individuals opt for foods like fish, poultry and meat to combat these deficiencies and treat memory loss in the process. Vegetarians on the other hand can opt for fortified cereals or Vitamin B12 supplements for the same purpose.

Vitamin E


Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease are sometimes prescribed Vitamin E supplements by doctors. Vitamin E can be helpful in treating memory problems associated with Alzheimer’s.

Vitamin E is also called as alpha tocopherol and is a potent antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to protect the cells in the brain as well as the tissues in the body from chemical wear and tear. A study conducted in 1997 linked the beneficial effects of Vitamin E in treating individuals with Alzheimer’s. The study concluded that Vitamin E helped reduce the rate at which the mind loses the ability to carry out activities on a daily basis.

Another study in 2014 revealed how participants with Alzheimer’s disease who had been administered high doses of Vitamin E, experienced at least a 19% slower rate of functional decline relating to activities like bathing, shopping, cooking, eating and traveling. In fact, individuals who were given Vitamin E alone recorded higher benefits than those who were given a combination of Vitamin E and FDA approved medication pills for the Alzheimer’s.

It is considered advisable for individuals to include adequate amounts of Vitamin E in their daily diet in order to reduce memory loss significantly. Although Vitamin E deficiency is very rare in individuals, one can never take chances. Hence opting for foods like seeds, nuts, vegetables like spinach and fruits like avocados, blueberries and blackberries. If this doesn’t suffice, one can ask to be prescribed Vitamin E supplements to be consumed on a daily basis.

Vitamin C and E

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It has been noted that an appropriate combination of Vitamin C and E can help protect individuals from memory loss and other forms of mental issues, including dementia. Studies have indicated that Vitamin C and E can effectively reduce vascular dementia as well as mixed dementia in individuals to a great extent. Accordingly, those who take Vitamin C and E on a regular basis face at least an 88% lower risk of being affected by vascular dementia.

The studies also revealed that the rate of dementia reduced drastically with the duration for which the these participants took the supplements. This indicates that long term use of Vitamin C and E could possibly help treat several mental problems in the old age, including memory loss. Some of the natural foods rich in Vitamin C that can be added to one’s diet include lemon, pomegranate, red/green peppers, kiwi, oranges and grapefruit. Tomatoes also contain abundant amounts of Vitamin C.


Studies have linked the beneficial effects of vitamins in individuals suffering from memory loss and other mental complications. The Vitamins mentioned above offer the body a protective advantage over these issues and can boost memory power to a great extent.

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