UoN gets a piece of the Global U.S. $1 Million Healthcare Innovation Award

<![CDATA[A very proficient team of the University of Nairobi in Kenya was awarded US $120,000 for designing a bar coded Vaccination, in the form of Mother and Child Wellness Card, which tracks the vaccinations received by the child, and rewards the mothers with a number of discounts on farming products.

This concept has alleviated and relieved people of Kenya from choosing between buying farm products, to earn a living and having their children vaccinated. With this award winning concept, on a high people of Kenya can have both and that too with added benefits.

The model of the bar coded vaccination card

Image Source : Grandchallenges.ca

The concept on which this vaccination card is based, is utmost unique and has not been used anywhere else in the world. This card is designed with the aim of combating the challenges such as under vaccination and food security, which are critical issues in Kenya. The card protects the children against preventable illnesses for life long and helps each household to enjoy a better harvest, with the discounts that are so offered with each vaccination that the child receives.

Better harvests mean better financial position and access to better nutrition throughout a lifetime. This bar coded unique vaccination card is set on an automatic updating method, just when the child is born and registered. Each time the child receives a vaccination; it allows the mother a discount on most of the farm products, right from seeds and fertilizers to more, which are available in Agrovets shops, run by the agency that collaborates with the University.

The formulation of the concept and its implementation

This phenomenal concept came into existence in North Western Kenya, where it was piloted with finesse and perfection. This is one of the four major African initiatives to have won the 2014 GSK and Save the Children Healthcare Innovation Award. The positives of this initiative were highlighted in a discussion with all the stakeholders and were thus convened by GSK and Save the Children policy makers. This concept is stated as a major move envisioned inculcating health innovations in Kenya.

This concept was formulated after a lot of research at the grassroots level. It was duly understood that in rural Kenya, most of the families are unable to vaccinate their children and even the expectant mothers are not fully immunized owing to costs involves, which are too much for them to bear. The concept more than being a healthcare model appeals to people as an incentive for improving their lives, and most importantly that of their children, and this is the major reason behind such a success of this concept.


The award-winning concept of bar coded vaccination cards for children that provides discounts to the mother on the purchase of farm products is a success in Kenya as it is improving lives of the people in addition to improving the healthcare measures.]]>

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