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Hair Removal tips that every woman should know

Hair Removal tips that every woman should know

Hair removal sometimes leaves your skin bumpy, rough, red, and sometimes rashes that are painful. It is not something women like to do but it is a forced thing that they have to do in order to maintain their beauty. Here we have brought some hair removal hacks for every woman, which will make hair removal easy, fast, and hassle free for you.

Trim long hair

Sometimes it happens that due to a busy schedule or some other reason, you do not get waxing done for some time and consequently, you see long hair everywhere. Waxing long hair is lot more painful than the short hair. Therefore, trim those long hairs and then wax, it will not pain much.

Shower is helpful

You should prepare your skin for waxing, as in; it should not come as a shock to your skin. Taking a shower before a waxing session is helpful, as it kind of prepares skin and cleans your skin that comes handy later while waxing.

Choose a razor that is apt for your skin type

Women just cannot use any razor but the ones that suit sensitivity and delicacy of their skin. The ideal razors for sensitive skin of women are the ones that give a close shave without any irritation, and that have a moisturizing ribbon that keeps giving aloe and other lubricants to the skin while shaving, which help keep skin soft and fair.

Baby oil or coconut oil

Instead of some soap or a shaving cream, use coconut oil or baby oil for shaving. It will give you a close shave, no irritation, and a super soft skin.

Honey heals rashes

Despite many efforts and care some women always get bumps on skin after waxing, probably their skin is too sensitive that cannot bear painful treatments at all. Whenever you get a wax rash, rub honey over rashes, it soothes inflammation fast.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

After waxing, your skin is too sensitive, and a direct exposure to sun could cause sunburns. Therefore, make sure you do not expose yourself to direct sunlight for a minimum of 24 hours. Even if you go out, use sunscreen lotion, or carry umbrella and save your skin.

No deodorant

Applying deodorant just after you get your armpits waxed could be painful because of the skin sensitivity. So do not apply deodorant, or if you do, make sure it consists of natural ingredients.


Some women have sore ingrown hair, and it is a real task to shave or pluck those hair but not if you exfoliate your skin. Exfoliate your skin a day before you plan to shave or wax your hair and all the trapped hair will come out, thus, making waxing much easier and hassle free.

Not every time is right for a waxing

One should refrain from waxing when skin is more sensitive than usual. For instance, you have sunburn, rashes, or some other skin allergy and you get a waxing done, it will aggravate your skin condition. You should also avoid getting your hair waxed when your menstruation is scheduled.

Watch out those moles

If you have moles on your body, especially on the areas you get waxed, you need to be very careful regarding them. You should cover all the moles you find in the hair removal area, and in any case, you have to save their removal through waxing. Not many women bother about this, probably they do not how dangerous a mole removal is, as it causes cancerous growths in many cases.

Many women find hair removal a tough and loathsome task because of the hassles and pain it causes them. However, if women keep in mind some helpful tips, they can have a hassle free and a painless hair removal procedure every time.

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