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Understanding and preventing the damage from UV radiation

Little amount of UV rays are good for health as it is important for the production of vitamin D. UV radiation is used to treat several heath conditions, which include psoriasis, rickets, eczema, and jaundice. Sun rays can kill germs that can cause serious diseases and infections. But long and continuous exposure to UV rays may lead to several and chronic health effects. It is better for people to consult an expert before going for sunbath and other therapies, which include UV exposure.

How does UV radiation cause damage?

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No doubt UV rays some health benefits, but they can have some side effects on our skin, immunity, and eyes. Excessive exposure to UV rays may affect your health in multiple ways and some of them are:

Damage DNA


UV radiation can affect or damage DNA because is generally high powered. When these particles enter the DNA of an individual then they can cause some damage. But, it takes heavy radiation to damage DNA permanently. Damage of DNA is a serious problem as it can affect the health of an individual.

Damage health


UV radiation can affect the immune system of a person and can lead to several health conditions. They can reduce the effectiveness of the immune system. UV radiation increases the risk of skin cancers as it enters deep into the skin and damage cells and blood vassals.

Damage eyes


Eye problems like cataract, pterygium, eye cancer, photokeratitis can cause due to continuous UV exposure. So, it is important for us to protect the most vital organ of our body. UV rays can affect the eyelashes, eyebrows, and cornea as well.

Skin damage

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Skin damage is the major problem that people experience due to excess sun exposure. UV rays enter the skin quickly and lead to immediate problems like tanning, and sunburn. It affects tissues and cells of the skin and lead to problems like pigmentation, early aging, and wrinkles. UV rays can increase the risk of skin cancers and can increase oxidative stress in the cell. People with fair skin are at higher risk of having skin cancer but it does not mean that people with dark skin are safe from UV radiations. Compared to fair-skinned people, dark-skinned people have much lower risk of developing skin cancer from UV radiation.

Ways to protect yourself and your family from the side effects of UV rays

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Today, many people love to get a tanned body and skin. As a result, any people go through extensive efforts to get a tanned body. This can increase the risk of premature aging, skin damage, sunburn, and cancer. It is vital for people to consider few things before going out under the sun:

Skin protection

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Skin can observe UV rays easily and when these rays penetrate deep into the skin then it can damage cells and tissues. It is better to cover your skin properly before going under the sun. You can wear minimum SPF25 to protect your skin from sunburn.

Eye protection

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It is good to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV radiation. UV rays are strongest and dangerous during mid-day. So it is important to avoid going under the sun during this time.

Hair protection

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UV rays can damage your hair as it can make them dry and lifeless. You should wear scarf or hat before going out under the sunrays.


UV rays have several health benefits but excess exposure to UV rays may affect your immunity, skin, and eyes. This can lead to problems like skin damage, vision damage, and cancer.

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