Transsexuality: Discriminating diseases

Scientists have recently discovered that depression is related to transsexuality. The sex of a brain is determined in the mother’s womb.Higher levels of testosterone makes a male brain and oestrogen a female one. Professor Dick Swaab from The Netherlands Institute for Brain Research in Amsterdam, has come up with a theory, which says that the sex organs develop in the first phase of pregnancy while the sex diferentiation in brains occurs in the second phase of pregnancy and postnatally. Taking into account the time lapse between the first and second phase of sexual differentiation, he has concluded that certain factors act upon the sexual differentiation of the sex organs and the brain in an idependent way. This leads to reversed sexual differentiation in the brain of the transsexuals.
Prof. Swaab says that stress axis is formed by sensitive proteins which is more in women in form of oestrogen receptors; and in depression sex hormones directly interfere with the stress axis triggering depression in women. Therefore, women are more prone to depression than men are. In this context, he said, ‘we should be looking at diseases as male and female’. Well, this discrimination is worth it. Read More

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