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Tooth filling kills neurological system! Who says?

tooth filling
Tooth filling is harmful for the neurological health of your kid. If this is the thought you carry then simply forget it, as dental amalgam tooth fillings has nothing to do with your kid’s neurological heath. This became more evident after a team of experts, having members from the University of Lisbon, Portugal, and the University of Washington, Seattle, went through an intensive long-study of seven years.

The study began with the mental analysis of around 507 Portuguese children with either amalgam or resin-based composite fillings (who were in the 8th years of their age at the beginning of the study). During this process, experts conducted routine clinical neurological examinations to assess two types of neurological signs: hard (indicating damage to specific neural structures) and soft (subtle signs of central nervous system dysfunction that likely point to immature sensory-motor skills rather than to any structural damage in the brain).

Finally, experts concluded that undergoing dental amalgam tooth filling does not affect neurological status of kids. In the words of study author:

…we cannot rule out potential adverse reactions in individual children, we found no indications of any.


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