Tips to alleviate cough amongst children!

Are you distressed with your child’s coughing problems? Calm down, as cough among children is common, caused due to common cold or some kind of respiratory infection making throat itchy and dry.

Here are some tips to soothe cough of your child:

Provide your child with cough drops and cough syrups to relieve throat and smash its blockage. If your child is too little at age, than consult pediatrician before giving any medicines.
Provide your child warm beverages such as lemonade, herbal tea and apple juice helpful to release blockage along with relaxation in breathing.
Provide a humidifier to calm dry cough.
Pervent your child from exercising or overexertion, that may worsen cough.

By follow these simple tips, surely your child would get relief from cough problem to a great extent. Consult doctor, if the cough of your child remains continuous and frequent even afterwards.


Via: yahoo

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