Things women wouldn’t normally ask your doctor

Numerous women prefer not to talk to their doctor about the health issues that they have because they feel that it is too embarrassing. The Medical Swedish Center had hosted an online chat that served an opportunity for them to ask questions about these health issues anonymously.


According to Anita Tourigny, who works as a registered nurse and also an expert on women’s health, will the one who will be answering the questions put forward by them. She says that many young women do not possess enough information about the way their bodies work creating a need for ways and means to spread medical information. She also adds that they can ask her about any health issues that they are facing but and that she is also prepared to talk about those issues that they may be too embarrassed to ask:

It is normal to have never experienced an orgasm:

Tourigny says that some women may not climax during penetrative sex; they may need extra clitoral stimulation. You and your partner can explore different things that will help with orgasms.

Dealing with bladder infections:

Maintaining good hygiene habits will help you to do this. Always wipe or wash from the front moving towards the back, Tourigny says that it is possible for women to develop bladder infections after sex. As a preventative measure, you should have drink water before you have sex and make sure you urinate after sex to remove any germs that may be present.

Experiencing pain or bleeding during sex:

You should contact your doctor about this as it is indicative of more serious complications like abnormal tissue growth, polyps, poorly conducted Pap tests. If you bleed between periods and after sex, you could have developed some form of infection like endometriosis.

Negative pregnancy tests can be wrong:

If your pregnancy test is negative, it does not necessarily mean that you are not pregnant but that it might be early to show results. These tests analyze your urine for any hormonal changes to indicate a pregnancy, take the test again after a week if your period has not started by that time.

Dealing with vaginal itching or odor:

If you have persistent odor or itching, you should go to a gynecologist as it is usually a sign of certain infection, you could also have developed an allergy to things like body soaps, laundry detergents, and feminine hygiene products. The reason behind the itching can be determined by a medical test.

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