Things to know for building strong muscles, good health and attracting opposite sex, regardless of age

You always want to have strong and healthy muscles, which enhance your personality, self-esteem, and good health. A good mix of cardio workout and strength training exercises makes your muscles strong. Strong muscles encourages good metabolism, body’s ability to burn calories also speeds up.
Strong muscles, but not the bulged ones are possible for men or women, at any age. If you are in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s and if you think that muscle toning is not for you, you are wrong, because as you ages, body’s ability to perform work reduces, calorie count increases, their is a weight gain, and other health complications too.

Muscle building is safe and is for everyone, things which you should know about muscle building:

Practice strength training exercise for 20-40 minutes, 3-4 times per week for healthy and toned muscles. Strength training exercise is the excellent source of gaining muscles, making your biceps strong, and abs flat, and does not make you bulky. Women also get huge benefits from strength training exercises. It avoids injuries, prevents osteoporosis, arthritis, helps you in doing daily activities actively without obstruction, and reflects your self -esteem.

Eat right for toned muscles- Take good amount of protein, carbohydrate, in your diet. Milk, fish, pulse, fish oil eggs, grams make the muscles strong, and are rich in protein.

Workout on your trade mills, Resistance bands help in growing muscles, and make your arms firm. Trade mills, weight bars usage help in muscle building.

You can keep yourself in excellent cardio shape by doing workouts at gym, running, and walking.

If you are not satisfied with your workout, and not getting the desired physique, think that repetition, and resistance increase is required in your workout routine.

Go for weight lifting exercise at least three to four times a week. Total body workout is required.

Take enough rest and avoid pills for muscle building.

Keep a check on your body measurements, abs, hips, and biceps, once a week; because this will help you in keeping count on how much muscle you have build up.

Do not think that light weight exercise will not add muscles.

Avoid processed foods, refined sugar, and sweets.

Bench pressing 150 pounds, 10-15 times, tones your muscles. Even if, you are unable to go for jogging, and have a backache, you can do strength training exercise, but make sure you do not do any body-bending exercise, if you have backache.

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