The problem of missed periods and ways of preventing it

It is true that women hate those few days of a month when they have to deal with bleeding, menstrual cramps and bloating but not having periods is worse than having it regularly. If you get your periods on time it means that you are healthy. Irregular periods can stem out of excessive stress and tension or indicate an underlying disease. Women who do not get their periods for a long stretch of time must see a gynecologist and undergo necessary tests to determine the reasons behind it.

What are the benefits of getting your periods regularly?

Feeling awful stomachache.

According to some scientific studies, women age slower than their male counterparts because they get periods. The menstrual blood removes iron from body. Iron is responsible for activating the free radicals. Free radicals age the cells and affect the heart adversely. As women lose the iron molecules through menstruation they are safer from free radicals than men. The color and odor of a woman’s menstruation blood can tell a lot about her health and indicate if she is suffering from sort of disease or not.

Menstruation increases the level of testosterone in a woman’s body. This in turn helps in increasing her libido. Many women desire sexual intercourse and easily reach climax during their menstruation periods. Some couples believe that having sex during periods is safe and they don’t need any contraception for preventing pregnancy. This is a misconception. The sperms can stay alive for a long period of time and fertilize even a developing egg. Periods also offer information about hormonal imbalance. If a woman is getting her periods regularly then her hormones are well balanced as they should be.

Probable reasons of irregular periods

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The most obvious reason of not getting periods can be that you are pregnant. Even if you had taken all sorts of precautions and used condoms for intercourse, you can get pregnant. No contraceptive offers 100% guarantee of preventing pregnancy. If you are sexually active then get yourself tested with the help of a home pregnancy test kit. If you can rule out pregnancy then consider other causes.

Using birth control pills regularly for a long stretch of time can also lead to irregular periods or stop periods completely. The birth control pills consist of a low dose of estrogen. It prevents the endometrial lining from developing and thus period disappears all of a sudden. If your thyroid gland is over active or under active then it might disrupt the menstrual cycle. Over active or under active thyroid can cause infertility in women and it halts ovulation.

If you have been under a lot of stress then it can be a reason why your menstruation has suddenly become irregular. Being underweight and overweight both can be the cause of irregular periods. Putting on extra pounds can cause hormonal imbalance and lead to irregular periods. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is another serious condition which can cause irregular periods. An expert gynecologist can help you in detecting and controlling any of these health disorders that might be responsible for disturbing your normal menstrual cycle.

Tips for preventing missed periods

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For preventing irregular periods one should maintain a balanced diet consisting of nutrients like vitamin E, mineral, Vitamin B and Omega 3 fatty acids. Use birth control pills only after consulting a gynecologist or at least see one after you have started taking oral pills. Exercise daily but do not try to lose weight at rapid speed.

Several reasons can play culprit behind your irregular periods. Try to maintain a healthy weight and active life. Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly for avoiding gynecological complications.

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