The advantages of a good diet

Prevention is better than cure. If you opt for a balanced diet, it will keep you away from many diseases. Here is the series of vegetables and details of some other food items which can make your body, completely disease free. Just have a look….

1) Herbs and natural products help with cancer prevention.

2) Fish oil decreases cancer.

3) Soya helps during illness and prevents prostrate or breast cancer.

4) Apples are useful in diarrhea, constipation, fever and cancer.

5) Tomatoes are more useful in cancer.

6) Asparagus and spinach are good for smooth urinary condition.

7) Barley prevents diarrhea, bronchitis and stomach upset, lower blood sugar, cholesterol and lipid levels.

8) Cabbage prevents asthma, morning sickness and osteoporosis, lung, stomach, colorectal, breast and other cancers.

9) Garlic ignites body’s immunity and stops red blood cells to develop abnormally.

10) Olive oil and peanut oil prevents heart and blood vessel problems and to treat diabetes.

11) Fiber content vegetables decrease the risk of bowel cancer.

12) Rice bran has the ability to increase stool size, to treat diabetes and hypertension.

13) Wheat bran prevents colon cancer and other colon conditions.


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