Terrific diet plans that have their roots in solid science

One thing that most of us have in our minds is to have a healthy and fit body. We go out of our way to having a well-maintained body. We are willing to go that extra mile by following diet plans which will help us shed those extra kilos. So let us consider a few things about diet plan which actually have a scientific base.

  1. All meals are equally important

breakfast is the most important

We have heard this so many times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but that surely does not mean that you ignore the rest. What is important here is that you eat the right type of food and don’t over eat. You must remember that all meals are equally important. Just like breakfast you need to eat dinner properly but you will gain weight if you overeat.

  1. Have a bite before you dine out

White bowl of cream asparagus soup

Most people avoid eating in restaurants as they feel they will add extra calories. The problem while eating out is that we eat the wrong stuff or overeat that favourite butter laden curry. What you need to do here is have a healthy bite like a fruit snack or a soup before you go out. This will prevent overeating and also instead of plastic money pay with hard cash which will help you to keep a watch on what you are eating.

  1. Night time is carbs time

Hand holding knife peeling potato vegetable food

Most of us stick to no carbohydrate rule when on a diet. But it has been found that it is not required to avoid carbohydrates instead just select the right time for the same. Give more priority to eating carbohydrates only at night. Research has shown that if you have carbohydrates at night then you don’t tend to eat much the following day as you feel fuller the next day. This, in turn, helps in losing weight.

  1. Supplements will not help you lose weight


People feel that by gulping down supplements they can lose weight but the fact is that supplements don’t make you lose weight. They only help in overcoming certain nutritional shortcomings and deficiencies. It is, therefore, important to remember that eating pills will in no way help in reduction of your waistline.

The basic rule to keep in mind is that we have to eat right and exercise well in order to stay slim and healthy. It is important that your body gets all the right nutrients in the right proportion if you want to remain healthy.

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