Taking antibiotics doesn't work for Sinusitis!

Suppose you develop a mild sinus infection then what would you do? Would ask for antibiotics? But how would it be if you go on without antibiotics. Yea, you got it right; without antibiotics. Actually, a new study have proved that having antibiotics during sinusitis or mild sinus infection doesn’t speed up the recovery process and a patient recover in a normal way as without antibiotics.

To prove the fact researchers tracked about 300 patients with mild or moderately severe sinusitis. Some of these patients were provided with antibiotic amoxicillin while some were provided with placebo, and ultimately these researchers found that taking antibiotic amoxicillin did not help these patients in any way. Means researchers want to say that antibiotics are ineffective for patients with sinus. Studies conducted earlier have also proved that in cold too antibiotics are ineffective.

Through this study, all of us should take a lesson because most of the people ask for antibiotics whenever infected with sinus or cold. It is sad that 50 percent to 70 percent of sinusitis patients are prescribed antibiotics, which I think is wrong. However, now we must hope that this trend would be halted after this revelation.

Image credit: Bio Technology Online

Via: Health Day

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