Tackle and drop your dark circle issues

You all must be familiar with those annoying and ugly looking dark circles under eyes, and you hate them, isn’t it? Well, you need not worry anymore, as here in this article we have brought for you a complete study of this hideous problem that would help escape and fight this problem really well.

Top reasons why you are looking like a raccoon

looking like a raccoon

You must have figured out by now that why we have used the word raccoon over here, as this mammal has dark black circles around its eyes. It looks cute though, but we humans look pathetic with dark circles around our eyes and with the puffy eyes. They are the symptoms that show something inside us is not going good and it is demanding some solution.

The dark circles or dark rings people call them is basically the dark discoloration of skin owing to numerous reasons like aging, long working hours, stress, lack of sleep, too much of crying, depression, dry skin, anemia, hyper pigmentation, broken blood vessels, bad habits like smoking, intake of unhealthy diet, and sometimes it is hereditary as well.

Except for the hereditary reason, as there is almost nothing you can do about them, the other reasons that cause dark circles are purely curable. Cosmetic surgeons and doctors offer quiet effective treatments to cure dark circles today but why to take those pricey treatments when you can achieve the same with some home remedies and precautions to cure those frustrating dark shadows around your eyes.

Home ingredients that allow you to wipe those dark circles away

Cucumber and Potatoes

Beautiful naked woman holding raw potatoes in hands.

Cucumber and potato have some real cooling properties that make them suitable and perfect to cure dark circles. Their cooling properties soothe the blood vessels around eyes, thus, diminishing darkness and puffiness around eyes. Place cucumber or potato slices on your eyes, you could also dab their juice with a cotton ball, and leave it overnight for better results.

Cold compress

ice cubes

For this, you can use ice cubes wrapped in a soft cloth, frozen peas wrapped in cloth, or a cold spoon. Dab the area around your eyes with one of these things, or keep them for sometime around your eyes. Cold compress is a superb technique that helps shrink blood vessels around eyes and takes away the dark skin discoloration.

Magical eye pack

freshly squeezed lemon juice in small bowl

Tomato, lemon, and turmeric together make an eye pack that works like magic on dark circles. Vitamin A, B, C, sulfur, phosphorus, calcium and iron are present in tomatoes, which makes it a very effective bleaching agent and very good to cure dark circles. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and lemon juice has bleaching properties. An eye pack made of all three ingredients efficiently diminishes dark circles and puffiness around eyes.


tea bags

Image Source : Jenierteas.Com

Applying tea around eyes is an age-old practice of curing skin discoloration around eyes. Soak two tea bags in hot water then let them cool down. Now place one tea bag on both your eyes for some time. You will notice a certain rejuvenation of skin, and repeating this practice cures puffiness and dark circles around eyes soon.

Top remedies for avoiding dark circles

Drink plenty of water

They say prevention is the best cure, so knowing what causes dark circles and then avoiding those practices and activities is the best way you can defend yourself against dark circles and puffiness around eyes.

  • Drink enough water every day.
  • No working on computer for long hours
  • Get enough sleep
  • Intake of highly nutritious diet is must
  • Take proper care of your skin
  • Get rid of harmful habits like smoking, and drug abuse

Dark circles and puffiness around eyes takes away the charm of one’s face but knowing its causes and natural remedies is the best way to cure them.

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