SWITCH – Changing healthcare trends in Saskatchewan

The SWITCH (Student Wellness Initiative Toward Community Health) runs parallel to its name. This clinic in Saskatchewan is a team of student doctors, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists and social workers, meant only for the inner-city residents. The founders of this clinic feel that attending to the health needs of people in low-income areas and to those who don’t get an easy access to medical needs will be worth the job. Residents of inner-city are checked by the health care students and then their case is discussed with licensed professional across the site. The healthcare students feel that the initiatives taken by them in the clinic, complements their education in the University of Saskatchewan as they are given special training for individual health disciplines. It will be apt to say that they carry the ideology of caring without caring for profits. The clinic started 9 days back, and the politicians and law-bodies have surrendered themselves to the dexterity and doggedness of the health students.

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