How swimming benefits women

Water activities of all kinds whether it is swimming, aerobics, resistance training or even simply walking in water have proved to be effective methods of exercising and effectively working out.  These water routines help in strengthening a woman’s body and simultaneously improve her stamina along with calorie burning.


Increases cardiovascular stamina:

Swimming is an activity that puts a pressure on the heart and lungs, thereby increasing cardiovascular capacity and stamina and improving it as well.  Over the course of time, the lungs become accustomed to the breathing pattern while swimming and become more efficient.  An enhancement in cardiovascular stamina also helps to burn more calories with the intensity of the exercise.  Swimming is particularly beneficial for women as it keeps cholesterol levels and blood pressure under control, thereby reducing the susceptibility to heart disease and stroke.



Swimming is a low-impact workout:

When you submerge in water, you are 90% buoyant. This means that if a woman chooses to walk in water, then the impact would only be experienced by 10% of her body.  This exercise is particularly recommended with those suffering from joint pains or injuries, as it does not involve high-impact exercises.  Swimming is also very beneficial for women suffering from weak bones or osteoporosis.



Swimming helps in building muscles:

A water workout also implies 12-14% more resistance when compared to land exercises; hence, a woman would end up burning more calories when working out in the water.  Swimming requires movement of all the muscles in propelling one’s body forward- literally helping a woman to work out all the muscles of her body.  Swimming not only helps to tone up muscles, but it also helps in strengthening the upper, lower and core body.  In addition, the higher resistance due to the water impact ensures that your muscles do not get injured from jerky movements.



Swimming is a comfortable way of exercising during pregnancy:

Due to the buoyant effect, pregnant women are recommended to swim or exercise in water, rather than on land.  Since swimming helps to build up muscular and cardiovascular strength, therefore it enables the pregnant woman to master the breathing techniques that are useful during labour.  Swimming is a great way to de-stress and it helps women sleep better as it eases anxiety pangs.

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