Discover the youth with skin care ingredients

Age sneaks up on everyone and hiding it should not be the right option. Making the  retirement age pleasant can be possible by avoiding too much exposure of skin to the sun, and not just dabbing anti-ageing creams, which are readily available in galore at the market.

Happiness reduces wrinkles:

You do not need loads of products to weigh down your handbag, a simple moisturizer and a lip balm can do wonders, if used efficiently daily. Drink liquids to keep you hydrated and get that glow. Coffee, often called unhealthy and addictive, surprisingly also ensures long-term health benefits. It has anti-oxidants that repair damaged cells of the skin, if consumed moderately on a daily basis. Sipping green tea, of course without sugar, is also beneficial with few drops of lemon or juice. Walnuts should be made a part of your food every day to keep the brain and body young.

Relive your younger days:

An ageing skin needs solutions to regenerate it from within by using soft, natural and effective products with no downtime. Copper peptides are small fragments of proteins, which restore damaged areas if used in small doses, as it helps in slowing down of the process of ageing. Retinol is also worth using, as it reduces visible lines and discoloration of the skin.

And without much question, you can improve your skin by the daily use of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, which helps in cleansing the outermost layer of the skin. It should be used in alternate days for radiant looking skin, especially after sunset, because after all they are acids, and would not be wise to apply in the sun.

Natural ways of preventing ageing would be to help oneself from the succulent plant, Aloe Vera. To keep ones skin smooth and supple, this anti-inflammatory gel extracted from the plant directly can be applied around the neck and face daily. Even buying products containing this gel will help. It has cooling properties, which also helps in reducing blemishes.


Even a smile can leave behind an impression line that turns into permanent grooves if a line or sag is visible on ones face. Elastin that holds our skin together go through constant dynamic change, hence to slow down that process, opt for long lasting products that help in locking the moisture and protects the skin against environmental damage.

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