Supplements for stress

Supplements for stress

Stress has become a common side effect of modern day lifestyle. Cut throat competition and less time for relationships have put a lot of stress on people. Over a period of time, this may lead to the onset of many health related concerns which should be taken care of before time. The stress may lead to insomnia, depression, blood pressure, heart ailments and other conditions. However, there are a few methods to reduce and manage stress. Having dietary supplements is one of them. These are highly effective if one takes these under a routine and these definitely produce a tremendous reduction in stress levels. These along with changes in lifestyle along with meditation can help in a great way to reduce stress.

There are a few supplements which have been found to be highly effective in reducing the stress. These have been used through times and have been found to be beneficial. Supplements could be in natural form or in form of products out of chemical research. However, a medical specialist should be consulted before taking the same. Though no major side effects have been reported but the right quantity can be best prescribed by an expert as to when these can be most effective and beneficial. The expert is the best person to tell about the doses and the duration for which the same should be taken.

A. Vitamins and antioxidants for beating stress

B-complex vitamins act as stress busters when taken in the right proportion. These act on the nervous system and thus calm and reduce the factors related to stress. They pacify the nervous system and improve its condition. Vitamin C and E both are antioxidants which reduce the free radicals in the system. When one is under stress, the number of these free radicals increases. Taking Vitamin C and E lowers the free radicals therefore leading to reduction of the stress producing agents.

Mineral supplements like Magnesium and Zinc should be taken which help in reducing stress related symptoms. These are depleted during stress related conditions and their levels have to be brought back to normal.

B. Adaptogens or stress reducing natural herbs

These have been found to be safe and effective ways of fighting stress. These have been tried and tested through the ages and have been found to be very effective. These have almost nil or no side effects.

1. Ashwaghandha

This herb has been used in the traditional Indian medicinal procedures and has been found to have anti-stress and rejuvenating properties. It has been used over the ages and is a time-tested herb. It soothes the central nervous system and thus helps in curing insomnia and reduces the stress hormones. It has no side effects at all and can be used without any doubt.

2. Rhodiola

This is a traditional herb from Europe and the Russian region. This is used in people with high levels of stress. It is believed to reduce mental fatigue and increases mental alertness. This has also been found to be very beneficial in patients suffering from depression and insomnia. It is effective in alleviating depression and fatigue. It increases the levels of stress busting substance called serotonin which improves the feeling of happiness. It improves general mental and physical well-being of a person.

3. Ginseng

One of the oldest herbs in Chinese medication history this is very effective in reducing stress. Panax Ginseng is believed to help in insomnia and nervousness. This greatly helps in reducing chronic stress. The herb stimulates the immunity system to fight against conditions caused due to stress. It is also reported to reduce mental fatigue and improves mental agility. Thus the mind uses the energy in fighting the stressful conditions. Though this is a natural herb it is used as an ingredient in the preparation of some popular energy drinks.

Besides the above natural supplements, there are a few natural ways to be adopted which can be of help.

One should always try to find the reasons in one’s lifestyle that lead and add to stress. Meditation and yoga can greatly help in reducing the stress. Junk foods, tobacco and alcohol should be avoided because these are stress inducing, while eating healthy and nutritious food will help in a great way. Having a good night’s sleep is a great stress reliever. This gives the freshness to begin a new day and fight stress. These lifestyle changes along with the supplements can be of great help in achieving a stress-free life.

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