Sunscreen not the 'frontline defense' against skin cancer

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Stop trusting those sunscreens shelved at mostly all market stores. They are not the ‘front line’ defenses for you against harmful rays that can risk skin cancer. Experts advice you to either wear sun-blocking clothing or stay out of the sun altogether as better options.

Though, sunscreens claim to protect against UV skin damage and also the two of the three most common skin cancers — basal carcinomas and squamous cell carcinoma, experts demand that it has not yet been conclusively shown to protect against melanoma.
Melanoma is the most fatal kind of the skin cancers.

Stephan Lautenschlager of the Outpatient Clinic of Dermatology at Triemli Hospital in Switzerland affirms to this demand. Lautenschlager said,

Wearing sun-protective clothing and a hat and reducing sun exposure to a minimum should be preferred to sunscreens.

Considering people’s tendency to sunbathing

For social reasons nevertheless, sunscreens should not be abused in an attempt to increase time in the sun to a maximum.

With the sun scorching overhead, it is generally a preferable trend to go for wet, stretched or light colored clothing, but the experts suggest clothing otherwise – i.e. dry or clothes that have shrunk after washing. Such clothes are denser block the UV rays better.

So, try with some changes with your this summer’s preferred wardrobe and go by what the experts are suggesting. After all, one can’t afford to risk cancer at comfort’s cost.

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